Tangible IP LLC

Tangible IP is the global leader in the sale and acquisition of high-quality patents with over 4500 patents successfully brokered. Our reputation stems from the high quality of our work, the depth of our network and our integrity representing clients. We are routinely retained by Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and inventors alike to assist them in either selling or acquiring patent assets. Our goal is simple: obtain the best value for our clients on each patent portfolio we take under brokerage. We also work with buyers who are interested in approaching patent owners and acquiring portfolios without having to disclose their identity to the seller. We are neither a law firm nor a patent assertion entity and therefore, generally able to engage in a constructive dialogue with industry leaders who may have an interest in the assets we have under brokerage. As such and in addition to an impressive sales record, we have successfully completed numerous licensing agreements to the benefit of our clients without ever resorting to assertion activity. Finally, Tangible IP is only one of a handful of firms worldwide which is entitled to list the portfolios it brokers on the ubiquitous IAM Marketplace, thus providing an added advantage to patent owners who list their assets with us.

We apply the same care and expertise to our advisory work, and we have assisted numerous satisfied clients in both offensive and defensive IP strategies, such as freedom to operate, patentability review and analysis, portfolio critique and optimization, patent valuation, evidence of use search, claim charting, all the way to comprehensive long term IP strategies. Further details are included here.


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