SITAO is an IP service provider with a core business focusing on patent monetisation. The firm has been striving to provide top-notch, one-stop services for monetising IP assets in the global market since its founding in 2018.

SITAO has been achieving the goals of clients through well-established, specialised entities, including SITAO IP Ltd, SITAO Law Firm, SITAO Technology Ltd and Inzight Partners Limited (HK), so that we can offer support from technological, legal and business perspectives in various patent monetization campaigns.

The SITAO team comprises seasoned professionals who have expertise in offering services from the technological, legal and business perspectives required in IP monetisation programmes. With an outstanding professional team, SITAO has accumulated extensive first-hand experience in dealing with patent disputes and patent monetisation programmes in China involving complex and cutting-edge technologies. Notably, SITAO has built a top-tier team for handling fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) and standard-essential patent (SEP) disputes in China that provides both creative and practical strategies for execution in FRAND and SEP negotiations and licences to achieve commercial goals for our esteemed clients.

At SITAO, we are dedicated to maximising the value of the patent assets of our esteemed clients. We passionately believe great innovation should be respected and rewarded. Our mission is this: ‘attaining the true value of great IP’.

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