Scintilla was founded in 2013.  We provide the highest professional standards in a friendly flexible format that’s focused on adding value and building sustainable relationships with our clients.

We offer commercially relevant advice

Obtaining and protecting IP is an intellectually rewarding field, but we never treat it as a purely academic exercise.  We understand that every IP decision is made in a commercial context, and we spend time with our clients understanding their commercial objectives and plans instead of just asking blindly for instructions to be executed.

This approach means we can spot additional opportunities for IP protection that are not always obvious from the outset and equally that we can help avoid excessive spend where it is not justified, meaning that IP budgets can deliver the maximum value.

Our charges are predictable, flexible and value-focused

Over the last number of years the market’s expectations of the legal profession have changed fundamentally, as technology advances and trading conditions become ever more competitive.

We embrace the opportunity to work efficiently with our clients.  Our firm was founded in 2013 and has been built from the ground up with a modern approach that embraces efficiency.  We are laser-focused on adding value for our clients, and we have a pragmatic approach that emphasises achieving the best commercial outcomes in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Avoiding surprise bills is also a key focus for us.  We prefer working to fixed prices as much as possible; we honour our quotes and we work hard to communicate with our clients to make sure that costs are predictable and controlled.

Flexibility is also deeply ingrained in everything we do.  We will always adapt to what you need, in the administration of our services or in custom fee arrangements.  We understand that as a service provider we adapt to your requirements, not the other way around!

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