Piece Future

Piece Future, Asia’s global Intellectual Property (IP) investment bank, leverage IP assets for value extraction and transforming it into profit-based businesses for impact. We seek to assist our clients to remain at the forefront of value extraction, monetization and profit maximization. As we move towards a sustainable future, we inspire companies to use cutting edge technologies to drive purposeful economic and social growth. We foster a culture of co-creation through the recycling of technologies from our multinationals partners and seeding it in start-ups that are disruptors and builders. We solve some of world’s biggest challenges in multiple sectors and cities from smart cities, logistics, food and agriculture, energy and water.

At Piece Future, we work extensively with our ecosystem partners in Asia to build investable companies to push innovation forward. We invest in promising start-ups, knocking down barriers from technical adoption to market penetration. For multinationals, fast-growing SMEs and start-ups, we also incorporates IP strategies into business and financial models, devising a blueprint for success. We offer a range of services, such as IP consultancy, IP portfolio management, innovation platforms and capital advisory.


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