K.Mizra LLC is a patent licensing company run by experienced management. We focus on licensing high value, high quality patents with a global reach.  

We own patent portfolios originating with a wide array of inventors. The portfolios include patents from well-known multinationals such as IBM, Sharp and others.  Also owned are patent portfolios that originated with research institutes such as National Chiao Tung University and Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research).  

The aggregation of these portfolios provide K.Mizra with a global patent footprint. You can find these patents and portfolios here. They are identified in the "Patents by Region" button.  

K.Mizra is very proactive. We are currently engaged in patent litigation in the US and Europe. We also provide technical discussions surrounding our portfolio and a potential licensees’ products or services prior to enforcement.  

By focusing on high quality patents K.Mizra provides a secondary market for inventors to recoup their investment and continue innovation. We offer licenses to these patents on reasonable terms. We believe that in this way K.Mizra plays a part in the development of the technologies that make all our lives better.  


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