Innovation Asset Collective


Intellectual Property (IP) is at the heart of Canada’s innovation economy and its future viability.

Canadian entrepreneurs rise to the challenge of global problems each and every day. For these SMEs, IP and data represent their most enduring assets, yet because of a lack of understanding around its importance, many aren’t making intentional resource allocation decisions around IP, which can impact their long-term growth and ability to scale.

IAC, Canada’s first patent collective program, is focused on fixing this. With the support of the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and a $30 million federal contribution, IAC is solely committed to Canadian innovation.

Equipped with a strong mandate to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in data-driven cleantech to better leverage IP in their drive to grow and scale, IAC will put Canadian innovation first. Canadian entrepreneurs will have a collective they can rely on to provide expertise advice and access the resources needed to grow, scale globally and reap the profits of their innovation.

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