Inception Partners

Inception Partners is a global alternative asset investment firm headquartered in London. We specialise in investments relating to intellectual property (IP) and venture capital.

For over twenty years, we have been at the forefront of global IP investments and monetisation, generating over $1bn in deal value and structuring more than 1000 investments and transactions worldwide. We currently have access to $2bn deployable capital for our portfolio investments.

Inception Partners invests in IP from some of the world’s most forward-thinking innovation companies, leveraging patent assets in smart ways to deliver effective market-driven monetisation strategies. In doing so, we provide liquidity to a multitude of global technology sectors, generating returns for asset owners to reinvest into the innovations of the future.

In addition, we make venture capital investments into promising IP-driven companies and build bespoke IP ventures through our corporate partnerships. Again, returns generated by asset owners are typically reinvested back into research & development, enabling a virtuous cycle that promotes further patenting and continued global innovation.

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