Huazhishuchuang Beijing Technology Development Ltd

Huazhishuchuang Beijing Technology Development Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Patent Technology Development Corporation. Founded in 1986, China Patent Technology Development Corporation is a state-owned enterprise managed by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). It is the most authoritative and professional big data classification, processing and analysis organization in the realm of patents in China. It comprehensively processes patent citation data and patent data of strategic emerging industries.

Huazhishuchuang is a national patent navigation project (enterprise) research and promotion center approved by CNIPA. It has an open, multi-dimensional, multi-level, theoretical and practical consulting service system. Relying on China Patent Technology Development Corporation, Huazhishuchuang provides consulting services and data services to governments at all levels, industrial parks, regions and enterprises. It is a supporting unit for patent statistics of national strategic emerging industries and national economic industries.

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