Hagaminomori Design

When you get off the airport, a cool breeze with the scent of the forest blows. The murmuring of the river, the watery moss forest, and the footprints of sea turtles. The tension in my heart melts and I feel happy. Imposing feather God visible to the front from the port of Miyanoura -dake. A river that is too transparent to flow from Hagami Falls. What do people think when they are surrounded by clear air and delicious water? Hagami no Mori spins a story that begins on Yakushima.

Hagamino Forest Design:

Bussiness Architect creates exciting and exciting work. We support and create from the concept design of new business and urban development, business strategy, execution plan formulation to the execution stage by making full use of IT, FT, IPT (IP strategy).

Forest Inn Hagami no Sato:

A small remote inn in the forest just for 3 groups of guests a day. It is located closest to Shiratani Unsuikyo in the Moss Forest. Birds singing with the rising sun. The murmuring of the river, the cool breeze from the mountains. A starry sky full of sky from a quiet forest. Very deep sleep. Have a happy time.


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