GreRoyalt Law Firm

Established in 2000, Greroyalt Law Firm offers a variety of legal services to business clients.Greroyalt is committed to providing excellent one-station services and enjoying rich legal practices all over China, including a full range of IP matters, contract dispute and arbitration, import and export trading, administrative review and litigation, corporate annual legal counsel, compliance service, and malicious litigation of consumers.The majority of practitioners have at least an M.A degree or overseas education background. The partners and backbones team is composed of a senior legal manager of top 500 enterprises, a college professor, and a leader of the administrative department.

Greroyalt is working with perseverance, and keeping clients’ interests in priority. By wisdom and professionalism, the firm seeks to offer effective solutions to legal problems, and assist clients in achieving their commercial advantage.The firm adopts the mode of company management and has solid with top 500 enterprises, such as GUCCI, PUMA, BOSCH, LVMH, PHILIPS, UNILEVER etc.

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