Ennoble IP

Ennoble IP is a global professional services provider offering IP Research, Analytics, Legal and Prosecution services. We are Market leaders in Research & Analytics, and Legal services including Patent, Design, Trademark, Copyright, Business & Technical Intelligence. Ennoble IP team includes experts such as patent analysts, innovation intelligence specialists, technical specialists, licensing analysts, patent agents, and IP docketing specialists who work diligently on Intellectual Property Rights, IP & Business intelligence and Prosecution solution. Our primary goal is to improve the accuracy of IP searches and analytics with the help of our experts. Ennoble IP is an KPO with a simple goal of helping CORPORATES, STARTUPS, SMEs, UNIVERSITIES & RESEARCH INSTITUTES to unlock and protect the value of their Intellectual Property (IP). We are committed to facilitate delivery of high quality and cost effective services. We are viewed as a market leader in raising the awareness of IP among Universities, SME’s and Startups and protecting their IP through best solution at reasonable cost.


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