Desmarais LLP

Desmarais LLP focuses on the litigation of complex, often technology-driven disputes. Our lawyers have successfully tried some of the most important intellectual property disputes in recent times, for some of the largest companies in the world. We have also argued the appeal of numerous cases that have shaped the substantive direction and development of intellectual property law.

We handle cases for a diverse set of valued clients, both large and small, who are leaders in a wide variety of industries, and we represent them both when they are fighting for their rights as plaintiffs and when they are named as defendants. Accordingly, our clients include Fortune 100 companies who rely on us to protect their most important intellectual property assets, and also to defend them against claims that jeopardize their critical business interests. We also represent smaller entities, including individuals, who seek to enforce the exclusive rights in their inventions or technology.

In addition to our record of success, our flexible and innovative approach to fee arrangements sets us apart from other top-tier firms that handle the same types of large, complex litigations. For instance, we have abandoned the traditional (and frequently inefficient) billable-hour approach to fees in favor of arrangements more closely tailored to our clients' interests. For clients who want predictability, our fee structure will accommodate a flat fee negotiated at the outset of a matter. For those interested in a shared-risk approach, we will entertain either a contingent fee, or design a hybrid fee structure in order to meet the needs of our clients and the case.

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