De Penning & De Penning

De Penning & De Penning was the first specialist intellectual property law firm to be established in India.

Since 1856, we have committed ourselves to protecting creative integrity and ingenuity. We believe intellectual property rights are fundamental to propelling innovation forward, providing a framework on which inspiration, modification and healthy competition can grow.

The name De Penning & De Penning has been synonymous with innovative legal solutions in the intellectual property (IP) field. Our founder, George Alfred De Penning, was a civil engineer and inventor who became the first person in India to file a petition for grant of exclusive privileges under the relevant legislation.

Just as his law firm would grow to be, George Alfred De Penning was an innovator who understood the importance of safeguarding ideas and their creators. His petition was officially registered as the first grant of 1856, and he went on to file many more over the course of his life.

His experience in filing these petitions led George Alfred De Penning to recognize the difficulties with the process that inventors faced. Driven to protect the hard work of his fellow innovators, he established De Penning & De Penning in 1856, entwining the history of the firm with IP law in India forever.

More than 165 years later, De Penning & De Penning remains true to its foundations and continues to protect creators and the wide variety of material they produce. Always with a De Penning family member at its helm, the firm has expanded from its birthplace, Calcutta, and is now headquartered in Chennai, with branches in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

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