Cyclo Hygieia, Inc

Technology / intellectual property is one of the important management resources (assets) for a company that "leads its business to success with the power of technology / intellectual property" , and is also the source of competitive advantage in business. With the development of IT technology, products and services through IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, etc. have been implemented in industry and social life, even in the life science industry and pure service industry, which have been far from each other. , The digital wave is approaching. In addition, intellectual property itself is not only the traditional monopoly right, but also has a role as a catalyst for promoting open innovation and building a business ecosystem.
Utilizing technology and intellectual property and maximizing its power will lead to the success of future businesses.

Cyclo Hysia supports a wide range of companies, from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, ventures, start-up companies, national governments, local governments, universities and research institutes, regardless of size. It is a new experience-based consulting service that designs new value and market as a business by thinking, walking, co-creating and co-creating with clients, without being bound by the existing strategic consulting and intellectual property consulting. Making full use of our wide network, we provide one-stop services including management and business strategy construction and execution, organizational transformation (structural reform), and human resource development.

We want to continue to be a reliable partner for our clients who continue to take on challenges in harsh social and economic environments because of the rapid changes in the times. And, with passion, we would like to continue to create new value for society by sinking together (evolution x deepening x extension x renewal = true value) and supporting the sustainable growth of companies and organizations.

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