Cavelier Abogados

Cavelier Abogados was founded by Germán Cavelier back in 1953. Germán was able to very quickly attract great minds to work alongside him in creating one of Colombia’s most established law firms.

The world is now a different place from what it was 67 years ago. However, through all the changes, one thing has remained constant: effective legal advice. The real distinction of Cavelier Abogados is our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. When you work with us, you will immediately apprehend how all of the many elements of exceptional client experience have come together in one refined and bespoke legal service.

However, the most important thing we have is priceless: a hunger for knowledge. After all, it’s our passion for knowledge that underpins everything we do as a firm. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve maintained our great traditions. It’s why we attract recognition in the fields of business law and intellectual property in Colombia and abroad.

Cavelier Abogados’ leadership in the many fields of law is why we have earned the trust of more than 24,000 domestic and international clients over the course of 70 years. In 2016, Cavelier Abogados was certified as the foremost innovative firm in Colombia. With an experienced team of more than 30 lawyers, 11 patent experts, 19 paralegals, and a technical and administrative team of 39 people, we are very well prepared to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals. In addition to the awards from the major international law firm directories, our firm also placed tenth in the first ranking of the 25 most innovative companies in Colombia, published by ANDI (National Industrialists’ Association) and Dinero Magazine.

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