BN Lawyers

Macau is fast becoming a global city. We decided to follow the trend of internationalization and strengthened our historical bonds with Portugal and the rest of the world. Today, we focus on providing a “global quality” service, serving an international market that encompasses China, the USA, Italy, and Portugal. Who knows what the future holds?

With countless years of service, we’re qualified to deliver quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Our AI and automated systems aid us in company incorporation, corporate matters, intellectual property rights, licensing, permits, and personal matters such as immigration, residency, and real estate. Our services are available cross-continent – incorporating clients in Macau, Portugal, and Singapore.

We are the Macau and Portuguese business law firm you need to operate overseas. Our policies and procedures are perfectly suited to help you excel in the global business sphere. We specialize in providing efficiency – as our team delivers service at an unparalleled speed. Most importantly, we give our clients certainty in a world that is constantly changing pace. BN Lawyers helps keep your business firm while the winds of change blow.

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