Atlantic IP Services

Atlantic IP Services is a leader in the field of patent monetization. Headquartered in Dublin, it is led by a diverse team of professionals with expertise in technology, finance, law and business. With over 22 years of experience, Atlantic’s management team has built a strong reputation for licensing excellence. The company has overseen the development and licensing of ground-breaking technologies that are being used across the globe. 

Atlantic is involved in all stages of the patent monetization process, from patent review and selection to drafting, valuation and acquisition financing. An experienced team oversees every aspect of licensing including market studies, teardowns, negotiations and, when necessary, litigation. Atlantic’s engineering team works with leading labs around the world. Forging these relationships enables Atlantic to optimise its own legal and technical expertise to identify and demonstrate compelling evidence of infringement. Atlantic leverages its relationships with the world’s leading patent law firms and businesses to source, analyse, execute and manage the strongest possible licensing campaigns.

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