Archer & Angel

Archer & Angel’s attorneys advise on all aspects of anti-corruption and compliance, including preparing and implementing compliance programmes, and conducting internal investigations into allegations of bribery, employee misconduct, fraud and violation of special laws in India. The firm also conducts legal audits and due diligence exercises, advising on and implementing clean-up measures and training for legal departments and businesses. The firm has assisted on several India-related compliance audits for US, UK, European and Asian corporations having business interests in India. These include investigations conducted because of whistleblower complaints and into allegations of bribery. The investigations have often supported larger global audits to ensure compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or the UK Bribery Act. Its attorneys have also assisted companies being investigated or prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, The Department of Revenue Intelligence or the Enforcement Directorate. The firm also advises on Indian anti-corruption legislations including the Prevention of Corruption Act, the Money Laundering Act, the proposed Prevention of Bribery of Foreign Public Officials Bill and the Indian Penal Code. Members of Archer & Angel’s employment law practice regularly assist with investigations into employee fraud, allegations of embezzlement, kickbacks and misconduct. They also advise on remedial action including revamping of employment contracts and employee handbooks; non-disclosure agreements; codes of conduct; employment termination procedures and negotiations; employment-related due diligence; and internal audits on compliance issues.

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