The final filing ...

After seven years and many memorable moments with IAM, Richard Lloyd signs-off as editor

15 May 2021

Biden’s backing for the covid vaccine IP waiver should concern all rights owners

This week’s unprecedented move raises a series of worrying questions and puts in doubt the administration’s commitment to fostering innovative activity

08 May 2021

Patent counting is here to stay – and the 6G horse race has already begun

Like it or not, governments think quantity matters and SEP portfolios are fast becoming a key metric for great power competition in the information age

01 May 2021

Why high-tech patent expertise will be increasingly valued by life sciences companies

If the experience of NantWorks’ IP chief Mark Kokes is anything to go by, leading strategists from other sectors can make a splash in pharma and biotech

24 April 2021

A $2 billion exclusion order and the future of the ITC

The outcome of the recent high-profile dispute between LG Energy Solutions and SK Innovation shows that the commission offers IP owners the prospect of significant leverage against alleged transgressors of their rights - and that means it will remain a target for reform

17 April 2021

The Tillis USPTO Director red lines have real political bite

The North Carolina senator is clear that the he will not vote to confirm a nominee who will row back on the Iancu reforms

10 April 2021

Beware the flow of money into China’s transactions space

Saturday Opinion: Encouraging patent deals and lending through metrics and incentives could lay a trap for those who want a higher-quality patent system

03 April 2021

Patent owners need to get wise to a possible changing of the guard at the Federal Circuit

Judge Wallach’s decision to take senior status might be the first of several and with billions in recent damages verdicts heading the court’s way, any new appointments could prove particularly consequential

27 March 2021

China’s IP world is set for a big shift to auto

Huawei, ZTE and other leading domestic high-tech players are moving in and they will help shape the landscape for transactions, litigation and licensing

20 March 2021

Patent licensing does not deserve the unfair rap it gets

Everyone in the IP eco-system should promote the benefits of an activity that has delivered so much to so many in all parts of the world – but recognise its flaws, too

13 March 2021

Creative monetisation of de-prioritised IP is the next frontier for Big Pharma strategists

Despite their commitments to specialisation, large life sciences companies must not neglect the value of sidelined patents, know-how and other intangible assets

06 March 2021

India is staring at some of the biggest opportunities in global IP

Decision to abolish troubled patent board is the right one, but policymakers should double down on reform

27 February 2021

Why the US must now take the lead on SEP FRAND

Being a rule taker does not sit well with American interests nor with those of the wider global patent community. It is time for a change of approach

20 February 2021

The cleantech gap in Big Oil patent portfolios spells more M&A in the sector

The supermajors are not creating big IP stockpiles in green energy, which means there could be opportunities for others

13 February 2021

No, IP rights are not the barrier to covid-19 vaccine supplies

Continued criticism of biopharma patent owners fails to acknowledge that manufacturing and supply complexities are the real obstacles to mass inoculation around the world

06 February 2021

Love him or loathe him, few USPTO directors have left an impression like Iancu

From new 101 guidelines to PTAB reform and changing the narrative around innovation, America’s now former IP chief built a considerable legacy

29 January 2021

Rebooting IP engagement with China need not mean giving up ground on key concerns

The patent world functions better when its two most powerful players have a constructive, though competitive, relationship

23 January 2021

China needs more patent attorneys, but lowering standards is not the answer

Recent measures that widen the door to the sector raise concerns over quality

16 January 2021

Revealed: the email Andrei Iancu sent to USPTO staff on the day the US Capitol was stormed

“I am heartbroken to see this affront to our constitutional electoral process,” the agency’s Director wrote

09 January 2021

It’s time for investors to re-assess intangibles

A recent report suggests Wall Street is beginning to realise that the rise of intangible assets has thrown a spanner into time-tested valuation models

12 December 2020

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