Why the US must now take the lead on SEP FRAND

Being a rule taker does not sit well with American interests nor with those of the wider global patent community. It is time for a change of approach

20 February 2021

The cleantech gap in Big Oil patent portfolios spells more M&A in the sector

The supermajors are not creating big IP stockpiles in green energy, which means there could be opportunities for others

13 February 2021

No, IP rights are not the barrier to covid-19 vaccine supplies

Continued criticism of biopharma patent owners fails to acknowledge that manufacturing and supply complexities are the real obstacles to mass inoculation around the world

06 February 2021

Love him or loathe him, few USPTO directors have left an impression like Iancu

From new 101 guidelines to PTAB reform and changing the narrative around innovation, America’s now former IP chief built a considerable legacy

29 January 2021

Rebooting IP engagement with China need not mean giving up ground on key concerns

The patent world functions better when its two most powerful players have a constructive, though competitive, relationship

23 January 2021

China needs more patent attorneys, but lowering standards is not the answer

Recent measures that widen the door to the sector raise concerns over quality

16 January 2021

Revealed: the email Andrei Iancu sent to USPTO staff on the day the US Capitol was stormed

“I am heartbroken to see this affront to our constitutional electoral process,” the agency’s Director wrote

09 January 2021

It’s time for investors to re-assess intangibles

A recent report suggests Wall Street is beginning to realise that the rise of intangible assets has thrown a spanner into time-tested valuation models

12 December 2020

Another Yahoo! or the new Nortel? The challenges of valuing BlackBerry's patents

As interested parties start to make their plays, there's still plenty of uncertainty around how much the Canadian tech giant's portfolio of assets might go for

04 December 2020

The EU has the chance to seize global patent leadership

Europe has never been in a better position to set rules the rest of the world must follow

28 November 2020

RCEP is a leap for China but a small step for IP

World’s largest trade pact is not a show-stopper when it comes to IP, but it will bring changes to ASEAN and clouds US ability to set regional agenda

21 November 2020

The dangers of the EPO move to opposition hearings by video conference

A recent announcement by the agency will increase transparency but could have several unintended – and potentially troublesome – consequences

14 November 2020

A Biden presidency is likely to mean IP evolution, not revolution

With the former vice-president closing in on election victory, we take a look at how his administration might tackle key patent issues

07 November 2020

Despite apparent convergence, life sciences and high-tech IP management will remain worlds apart

Pharma and biotech companies can learn from how strategies are developed in other sectors, but will still have to forge their own paths to meet new challenges

31 October 2020

To educate lawyers who change the world, we cannot let this crisis go to waste

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to upend education in the US and beyond, there is an opportunity to create a new normal in how IP is taught, says Megan Carpenter, Dean of the Franklin Pierce School of Law

24 October 2020

Shenzhen will double down on patents in its second act

Xi Jinping made innovation the focus of a speech marking the Special Economic Zone's 40th anniversary. But a more inward focus could spell change for IP strategies

17 October 2020

Sometimes FRAND does mean license-to-all

Law professor Jorge Contreras contends that the policies of many standards organisations can be interpreted as imposing a broad licensing requirement on SEP owners

10 October 2020

When it comes to tackling gender equality in IP, saying the present is better than the past is not enough

An IPBC Connect discussion among leading women in Asia’s patent professions, focusing on equality between the sexes in the region’s major jurisdictions, showed the way forward – but left one Millennial attendee still wanting more

03 October 2020

After Unwired Planet why it’s now over to China’s courts to set global FRAND rates

The big decision of the summer was a major win for right owners but may hand Chinese courts a lead role in SEP licensing cases

26 September 2020

Google’s anticompetitive infringement of IP reduces innovation

Ahead of the company’s pivotal Supreme Court case against Oracle, a former GHW Bush Administration official outlines what he believes to be a deliberate strategy to appropriate the work of first-movers

19 September 2020

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