Patentees must accept eligibility quagmire and plan accordingly

Since US Supreme Court justices declined to review American Axle, patent law must still share a box with Schrodinger’s Cat

09 July 2022

Covid-19 has exposed the limits of compulsory licensing

The pandemic has brought the difficulties of bypassing life sciences IP into plain view

02 July 2022

Engaging with CFOs is a challenge but by working together patent and trademark professionals can do it

Optimising relationships with company finance functions was a key talking point at this year’s IPBC Global. Success can be found if different parts of the IP ecosystem tear down their silos and collaborate

25 June 2022

First, do no harm must be the guiding principle of patent system reform

Recent comments by USPTO Director Kathi Vidal on rethinking everything are not unreasonable, but must be followed by the gathering of hard evidence that any changes will make things better

18 June 2022

The benefits of standards have never been more evident and the dangers they face more ominous

Outgoing IAM editor Jacob Schindler reflects on how Asia has become more central to the great SEP debate over the eight years he covered the IP market's ups and downs from Hong Kong

11 June 2022

Words and resources are nice, but the USPTO needs more concrete measures on innovator diversity

Kathi Vidal’s passion for inclusion can’t be questioned, but her agency’s first priority – a new webpage – isn’t as impactful as we might have hoped for

04 June 2022

Betting on diversity in innovation

Not only will Lenovo’s inventor diversity efforts pay off in the form of a stronger patent portfolio, argues senior counsel Jason Friday in this month's Inclusivity Insights, but they’ll be able to prove it using data

28 May 2022

Stop blaming China for everything and start looking closer to home

Saturday Opinion: Chinese IP theft is an undoubted problem - and one that needs to be tackled head on - but poor, disjointed decision-making in the US and Europe has also created space for the country’s tech titans to move into

21 May 2022

IAM’s China editor signs off

Bing Zhao reflects on seven plus years covering the twists and turns of the IP market in Asia

14 May 2022

Indian patenting milestone should prompt IP policy re-think

Domestic filings outnumbered foreign ones for the first time in 11 years last quarter, in the latest indication that India’s companies are coming to the patent party

07 May 2022

Pharma, not high-tech, concerns now dominate US patent politics

The first pronouncements from new USPTO Director Kathi Vidal are the latest indication that the centre of gravity in IP debate and policy-making has shifted significantly

30 April 2022

Dealing with 5G disappointment

The latest wireless standard hasn’t yet found its ‘killer app’ for consumers, and it’s affecting licensing negotiations

23 April 2022

What the New York Times got right about patents

The newspaper's position set out in a recent and controversial editorial is too harsh on the US system as a whole, but some of its proposed reforms would bring greater balance

19 April 2022

Battery giant may struggle to flip the script on Chinese intellectual property

How IP and commercial competition plays out in the critical sector will tell us much about the future of globalised tech supply chains

16 April 2022

Now is not the time for the EU to fiddle with FRAND

In connectivity, Europe currently enjoys a level of technology security that it would be unwise to imperil with a needless redesign of the SEP licensing regime

09 April 2022

The pressure is on Kathi Vidal as she finally takes charge of the USPTO

After her long-awaited Senate confirmation, the agency’s new director has plenty on her plate and some unavoidably controversial decisions to make

07 April 2022

Five key takeaways from IPBC Europe

Returning from two action-packed days in London, IAM Deputy Editor Adam Houldsworth reflects on the surprising state of corporate UPC strategies, the rise of AI, FRAND fireworks and more

02 April 2022

Korean university’s litigation debacle bolsters case for litigation funding transparency

KAIST’s dispute with its own licensing arm may be a problem of the university’s own making, but it underlines the opacity of modern patent litigation

26 March 2022

As “Great Resignation” continues, ITC deserves a closer look from trade secret owners

The fast pace and compressed nature of Section 337 investigations make them a powerful enforcement tool in cases of trade secret misappropriation, argue L Andrew Tseng and Ryan Lewis of Troutman Pepper

19 March 2022

IP risk management has never been more important

Saturday Opinion: Understandably, the challenges to rights holders posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine are not a frontline issue, but they exist nevertheless. Businesses need to understand what they are and then mitigate them

12 March 2022

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