Creation of an IP division in Delhi is superficial for now, but could pay dividends in the long run

The new specialist court is a good signal for India even if its practical effects in the short term will be limited

07 August 2021

Top IP owners have pledged to boost inventor diversity, but more must follow

Companies such as AT&T, Cisco Systems, Facebook and Google are among those that have agreed to track patenting performance among women and other under-represented inventor groups, and to share the data

31 July 2021

English courts will thrive in life sciences patent litigation alongside the UPC

Rather than being overshadowed by the new pan-EU system, the UK will remain a crucial venue for pharma and biotech disputes

24 July 2021

The Arthrex fix is no fix at all

Neither SCOTUS nor the USPTO has come up with a workable solution to the issues at the heart of the case

17 July 2021

It will be a long time before non-patent professionals utilise IP analytics

Patent data, especially when integrated with other datasets, is a goldmine of information – but you need to be skilled to know how to extract it

10 July 2021

Feds don’t need a ‘China Initiative’ to go after trade secret theft

Saturday Opinion: American IP owners would be better served by a DOJ focus on bringing home blockbuster trade secrets cases regardless of nationality

03 July 2021

For India and other countries, an IP waiver is a distraction not a solution to the covid-19 vaccine crisis

A TRIPs suspension will not provide the shot in the arm that millions of Indians need, but the country does have a major role to play in supplying vaccines to the world

26 June 2021

The new UK innovation tsar will need to drill deep to tackle the country’s patent lag

British businesses have demonstrated their innovative capacity time and again, but their consistent failure to develop the IP that secures it is a problem that must be addressed

19 June 2021

Increasing diversity in innovation – a call to action

If the US is to compete successfully with China and the rest of the world it must make use of all the talent at its disposal – and that means ensuring more women get to the cutting edge of the invention process

12 June 2021

Increasing R&D and infrastructure investment is vital to US tech success

If the 21st century is to be another American one, both the government and business must commit to higher spending to strengthen the foundations on which innovation is built

05 June 2021

China's courts deserve a bigger say in global SEP policy

The country’s judges are ready and willing to play a greater role in shaping the world’s licensing landscape, but they must do more to win confidence abroad

29 May 2021

Six questions for an IP market at a critical turning point

Jacob Schindler identifies some of the key issues he will be focusing on as he assumes the IAM editor’s chair

22 May 2021

The final filing ...

After seven years and many memorable moments with IAM, Richard Lloyd signs-off as editor

15 May 2021

Biden’s backing for the covid vaccine IP waiver should concern all rights owners

This week’s unprecedented move raises a series of worrying questions and puts in doubt the administration’s commitment to fostering innovative activity

08 May 2021

Patent counting is here to stay – and the 6G horse race has already begun

Like it or not, governments think quantity matters and SEP portfolios are fast becoming a key metric for great power competition in the information age

01 May 2021

Why high-tech patent expertise will be increasingly valued by life sciences companies

If the experience of NantWorks’ IP chief Mark Kokes is anything to go by, leading strategists from other sectors can make a splash in pharma and biotech

24 April 2021

A $2 billion exclusion order and the future of the ITC

The outcome of the recent high-profile dispute between LG Energy Solutions and SK Innovation shows that the commission offers IP owners the prospect of significant leverage against alleged transgressors of their rights - and that means it will remain a target for reform

17 April 2021

The Tillis USPTO Director red lines have real political bite

The North Carolina senator is clear that the he will not vote to confirm a nominee who will row back on the Iancu reforms

10 April 2021

Beware the flow of money into China’s transactions space

Saturday Opinion: Encouraging patent deals and lending through metrics and incentives could lay a trap for those who want a higher-quality patent system

03 April 2021

Patent owners need to get wise to a possible changing of the guard at the Federal Circuit

Judge Wallach’s decision to take senior status might be the first of several and with billions in recent damages verdicts heading the court’s way, any new appointments could prove particularly consequential

27 March 2021

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