Landmines for the unwary in the USPTO’s guidance on AI-assisted inventions

Chief IP officers and their patent prosecutors must brush up on ethical duties to disclose

23 February 2024

The EU used to believe in patent pools; it should do so again

Saturday Opinion: The negativity surrounding the SEP licensing regulation masks a huge market success – and it’s not too late for European policymakers and politicians to embrace pools as the transparent, efficient, cost-effective way to speed up technology adoption that they are

17 February 2024

Patents make it easier to watch the Super Bowl and keep players safe

Saturday Opinion: Fans may not care about patents, but IAM does, so we’re commemorating innovations on helmets that may reduce concussions, collapsible goal posts, graphic enhancements, and more

10 February 2024

UPC: starting well but is the complex court structure advantageous?

Division-centric approach may provide opportunities for creative litigants but perils for unwary ones

09 February 2024

Crystal balls at the ready: IAM’s editorial team predicts the year’s biggest stories

Saturday Opinion: We’re back, putting our necks and reputations on the line, and looking ahead to what 2024 will deliver for patent professionals

03 February 2024

All eyes are on the EUIPO in 2024

Saturday Opinion: The EUIPO is embarking on a busy year – and that’s before the SEP policy question is answered. As concerns over the transparency of its leadership selection processes surface, it is critical that it remains focused on its core users

20 January 2024

Contrasting AI artwork copyright cases raise fundamental questions

Saturday Opinion: Conflicting rulings in the US and China encourage critical examination of the interplay between human and AI contributions to creation

13 January 2024

Judgment preservation insurance in patent appeals: Is a bubble brewing?

Saturday Opinion: These policies now back headline-grabbing nuclear patent verdicts but we fear insurers don’t understand the risk and this bubble could pop. Disclosure rules could help

06 January 2024

Goodbye IAM and thank-you

After 31 years, Joff Wild - our former editor-in-chief - brings down the curtain on his career in IP journalism

21 December 2023

Saturday Opinion: Privacy at stake - the unintended consequences of mandated legal finance disclosure

Chief Judge Colm Connolly spoke at a legal conference about his transparency orders to disclose third-party litigation finance

16 December 2023

Justice demands transparency from US patent plaintiffs

A recent referral to attorney conduct oversight bodies made by Delaware Chief Judge Colm Connolly in cases involving IP Edge and affiliates raises serious concerns about the serial litigator’s business model and poses uncomfortable questions for the wider licensing community

14 December 2023

Saturday Opinion: Rumours India’s leading IP judge is moving on trigger power vacuum worries

Justice Prathiba Singh looks likely to leave her post at a time when all eyes are on how the country’s courts handle patent cases

09 December 2023

Nokia v Oppo and VLSI v Intel – it’s all about the human mind

These major disputes have taken important steps forward over recent weeks and it will be real people, not faceless companies, who decide what happens next. The calls they make could be worth tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars

07 December 2023

AI may be a ‘double-edged sword’, but it could make trade secrets more valuable than ever

IAM’s trade secret reporter Maia Biermann reflects on her recent trip to San Francisco and the discussions about how AI will impact IP strategy

02 December 2023

This is what IP looks like

The smartphone tells a powerful story. It’s one that can be deployed to spread the good news about the value of IP in an engaging, accessible way

30 November 2023

China’s image as an IP powerhouse should be seen as a business opportunity, not a threat

Saturday Opinion: As China’s presence on the global IP stage grows, so do the accusations of IP theft it faces. But there is a danger that this rhetoric will harm both sides of the transaction table

25 November 2023

The IP world is kidding itself if it thinks it’s winning

A recent WIPO survey found high levels of engagement with and knowledge of patents, trademarks, copyrights and design rights. However, there are reasons to believe this is more of a comfort blanket than a reflection of reality

23 November 2023

IP disclosure requirements are changing – and that is a good thing

Saturday Opinion: Founder of Sauvegarder Investment Management, Erich Spangenberg, urges patent owners to break with tradition and better explain to clients and investors why they should care about these assets

18 November 2023

The EU should listen to its Nordic champions, not ignore them

When companies with the innovation and tech leadership credentials of Ericsson, Nokia and Novo Nordisk raise major concerns about Commission proposals, their arguments deserve serious consideration. But it’s not happening. No wonder Europe is losing the global competition race

15 November 2023

The US patent system is weakened. New Congressional legislation could fix it

Saturday opinion: Retired Judge Paul Michel of the Federal Circuit argues that all innovator lobby groups should support pending reform bills to the PTAB and patent eligibility

11 November 2023

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