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The world's top IP dealmakers and value creators identified – part three

We reveal who is listed in positions 20 to 11 in this year's IAM Market Makers ranking of the individuals who drive the global IP market.

The world's top IP dealmakers and value creators identified – part three
21 Sep 2018

The world's top IP dealmakers and value creators identified – part two

We reveal who is listed in positions 30 to 21 in this year's IAM Market Makers ranking of the individuals who drive the global IP market.

20 Sep 2018

Senior monetisation specialist becomes latest experienced figure to depart IV

As patent sell-off continues, exit hands deal-making control to former Dublin-based fund head


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17 Sep 2018

Latest quarterly numbers show patent deal activity dropping to lowest level in two years

Exclusive analysis from AST highlights lull in the secondary market. Seiko, Sony and GE feature among top sellers; while Longitude Licensing and RPX lead the way on buyside.  Read more

17 Sep 2018

When Vringo met China’s NDRC

It's not often you get a first-hand account from a foreign IP owner of being called to Beijing for a meeting with the National Development and Reform Commission, but in an IAM exclusive former Vringo chief IP officer David Cohen provides one Read more

14 Sep 2018

Microsoft turns to the PTAB as it escalates dispute with Saint Regis tribe

Software giant files series of IPRs against patents transferred from SRC Labs. Reviews come after company’s announces renewal of licensing agreement with LG Electronics Read more

13 Sep 2018

Fortress’s burgeoning IP group adds Tivo patent dealmaker

The hire of Courtney Quish and the closing of an investment fund thought to be close to $1 billion in value adds even more heft to the team headed by Eran Zur Read more


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11 Sep 2018

More details emerge of Samsung patent transfer to Sisvel

Deal between the two came as Korean tech giant agreed to royalty bearing licence to NPE’s Wi-Fi portfolio Read more

5 Aug 2018

NPEs like Sisvel have survived the storm - that's another reason why the deals market is picking up

A series of recent deals from Italian licensing business show that some patent owners are prospering in current climate.  Read more

22 Jul 2018

Five years after its founding, IP Bridge reflects Japan’s changing approach to patents

Sovereign fund remains trailblazer in market that continues to open up to IP monetisation Read more

6 Jul 2018

$100 million NPE sets its sights on China and promises a big litigation play within a fortnight

The boss of an NPE that launched in late June with $100 million of funding has said that within the next two weeks it will be filing “extremely large patent infringement lawsuits in China, against a major consumer products manufacturer”. Brian… Read more


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10 Sep 2018

VW most active auto player in patent disputes, study finds

Courts in Europe now hear more cases than those in the US, though suits are down everywhere; IPRs, on the other hand, are growing in importance Read more

3 Sep 2018

Chinese drone makers square up at ITC

Armed with an industry-leading patent portfolio, DJI faces competitor litigation while dealing with increasing attention from NPEs. Read more

13 Aug 2018

ETRI exclusive licence deals signal two new campaigns to monetise its US patent holdings

South Korean research institute is working with two separate licensing entities, one of which has already filed cases. A previous effort faltered  last year when a judge ruled ETRI's exclusive licensees lacked standing to sue. Read more

10 Aug 2018

IV assignments to Native American tribe shows just how far it is casting sales net

The San Carlos Apache tribe in Arizona picks up former IV assets in a recent deal. The transaction may have been negotiated before recent rulings casting doubt on tribal immunity at the PTAB. Read more


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1 Dec 2017

Going global is the new mantra in the patent transactions market

A record-breaking deal between Nokia and Provenance Asset Group shows just how important multinational patent portfolios now are to the patent buy-side Read more