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Inside the sprawling US patent litigation battle between Ericsson and Apple

Docket Navigator data shows that the dispute between the two companies involves four district court cases, five at the ITC and a whopping 34 inter partes review petitions

25 July 2022

USPTO proposals in danger of damaging US innovation system, warns Novartis IP policy chief

Corey Salsberg fears current batch of patent reform suggestions are being driven by a false narrative

25 July 2022

New WiFi 6 pool launch; Xiaomi still buying patents; US hands SEP leadership to EU; Big Tech accused of IPR abuse; UK bans China know-how licence deal; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

24 July 2022

Innovative deal and pricing structures show that licensors are listening

Sisvel, Via and Avanci are among those demonstrating that patent holders have thought deeply about how best to meet the needs of those who want to access their technology

23 July 2022

We are still in the market for high-quality patents, says Xiaomi’s new IP strategy head

In one of his first interviews since taking on the role, Ran Xu outlines his priorities and the opportunities he sees ahead for the company

22 July 2022

UK government blocks IP deal with Chinese company using radical new powers

Recently implemented legislation gives the British government the ability to intervene in IP transactions

22 July 2022

Ericsson v Apple and Nokia v Oppo are the shape of things to come

The widespread availability of mobile technology and increasing levels of wealth mean that old assumptions about patent filing and litigation are being rethought

22 July 2022

We may survive the PTAB but many other small disruptors will not, says Centripetal COO

In an exclusive interview, Jonathan Rogers describes the security company’s experiences of enforcing its patents and explains how he believes Big Tech is colluding to abuse the IPR process

21 July 2022

Illumina pays $325 million for patent litigation ceasefire with Chinese rival

The limited deal only covers the US, which means the company’s disputes with BGI over gene sequencing technology look set to continue elsewhere

21 July 2022

New patent agencies boom in China, but market irregularities follow

A simplification of the business approval process has created a boom in firm numbers. However, the government is also having to crack down on rogue entities

21 July 2022

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