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Examining the court data linking Unified Patents' PTAB petitions with its members

The USPTO’s proposed rulemaking package and its potential impact promoted a deep dive on Docket Navigator

08 May 2023

The EU’s new proposal throws up new IP challenges for AI data mining

The European Parliament aims to force AI companies to reveal use of copyrighted material

08 May 2023

Chinese court data; Via Licensing buys MPEG; Moderna liability struggles; Cisco WIN++ programme; Qualcomm and InterDigital Q1 results; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

07 May 2023

Breath of fresh air: I hear pro-patentee talk from Washington DC

Saturday opinion: Recent dialogue about the US patent system mimics patent holders’ passion for  the virtuous cycle of innovation

06 May 2023

Amgen sues Sandoz as new wave of biosimilars disputes gains momentum

Following a lull in lawsuits, several new biologics have become the subject of litigation in recent months

05 May 2023

InterDigital doubles top line in Q1 as Lenovo FRAND rate ruling recognised

Company recognises more than $100m from UK litigation spat in the first quarter of the year and underlines its ambition to expand into new markets

05 May 2023

US government confirms concerns over EC SEP licensing regulation

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo reveals that officials have told Brussels of worries about aspects of the proposed legislation

04 May 2023

Qualcomm licensing woes deepened by ongoing handset headwinds

The company’s per-device licensing approach has rendered it especially vulnerable to severe drop offs in smartphone sales

04 May 2023

There is still time for a rethink on the EU’s proposed SEP licensing regulation

Fiery language aimed at patent holders by DG Grow chief Thierry Breton cannot mask the lack of evidence supporting the need for legislation

04 May 2023

Cisco Women’s Inventor Network leads to jump in female representation on patents

WIN++ mentorship programme is a path to progress with tangible results

03 May 2023

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