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UPC: starting well but is the complex court structure advantageous?

Division-centric approach may provide opportunities for creative litigants but perils for unwary ones

09 February 2024

OpenSky sanctions reignite debate over PTAB reform

Attorneys say Intel reaping the benefits, while VLSI is left to pick up the pieces, sends mixed message about integrity of IPR process

08 February 2024

NanoString bankrupted by patent litigation, with major ramifications for ongoing 10x dispute

Everything you need to know about how the Chapter 11 process impacts the companies’ high-profile spat

08 February 2024

The Diversity Pledge has boosted women inventor rates, survey suggests

“What is interesting is that all patenting went up. Male inventors also increased,” states Suzanne Harrison, co-founder of Increasing Diversity in Innovation

08 February 2024

Analysing TSMC’s use of IP to minimise risk during expansion

The semiconductor giant has become increasingly focused on both its patent and trade secrets strategy at a time when it is also experiencing threats and risks from all sides

08 February 2024

Critical IP issues surrounding the energy transition

Government incentives for energy transition investment are fuelling a patent boom and companies need strong IP strategies to lead the race and avoid litigation risk

07 February 2024

Pandemic-era patent applications have levelled off a downturn in US grants

Anaqua AcclaimIP's analysis found that US companies, which earn the most US patents, increased their number of 2023 patents by 18% year-over-year

07 February 2024

Oppo team matured and proved itself during Nokia litigation, says company IP head

Adler Feng speaks to IAM about his decade at the top of the Chinese business’s IP department

07 February 2024

IP Hall of Fame nomination process for 2024 now open!

We need your help to select this year's inductees

07 February 2024

European Parliament to vote on shock proposal to ban CRISPR-developed plant patents

Patenting prohibition would have significant consequences for agri-tech innovators – and not just in the EU

06 February 2024

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