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Seven key takeaways from Nokia’s disputes with Oppo and Vivo

The recently settled battles offer several lessons for patent strategists

20 February 2024

BREAKING: Avanci signs Volkswagen Group to fast-growing 5G programme

Joint licensing platform passes the 25-licensee mark in its first six months

20 February 2024

Delhi High Court backpedals in landmark pharma ruling on product-by-process claims

Reversal in favour of Vifor is a boon for innovators

20 February 2024

Meet the Irish NPE that is suing automakers and tech companies

Atlantic IP Services-associated entity defeated in latest declaratory judgment action filed by BMW Group

19 February 2024

How courts around the world are tackling AI, SEPs and software eligibility

Litigation from Australia, India, Colombia and Europe illustrates the pivotal role played by the courts, especially in the most volatile areas of patent law

19 February 2024

India: the rising sun of SEP enforcement in 2024

Kapil Kumar and MS Devi of K&S Partners, delve into the anticipated developments in 2024, and shed light on why India is emerging as a desirable location for resolving SEP licensing disputes

19 February 2024

YMTC on IP independence; General Motors joins Avanci 5G; Lenovo’s new SEP litigation tactics; InterDigital’s AI focus; Apple v Rivos; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

18 February 2024

The EU used to believe in patent pools; it should do so again

Saturday Opinion: The negativity surrounding the SEP licensing regulation masks a huge market success – and it’s not too late for European policymakers and politicians to embrace pools as the transparent, efficient, cost-effective way to speed up technology adoption that they are

17 February 2024

US patent lawyers react to USPTO guidance on inventorship and AI

The AI-inventorship guidance enables patenting for an AI-assisted invention only if a human provided a “significant contribution”

16 February 2024

Trade secrets in tight labour markets: Apple v Rivos

This closely watched case underscores the importance of providing attractive working conditions in retaining a specialised and valuable workforce

16 February 2024

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