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How patents opted out of the UPC might still be dragged into revocation proceedings

Even if a European patent has been removed from the jurisdiction of the court, IP owners must be ready to assert the existence of the opt-out until rules are clarified

25 September 2023

TCL joins ATSC pool; Avanci 5G signs BMW; UPC preliminary injunction; Dolby SEP win exclusive; tips for trade secrets owners; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

24 September 2023

Patent pools are making waves – but will Brussels listen?

Saturday Opinion: There’s plenty of compelling evidence that the market is capable of compromise without the heavy hand of regulation

23 September 2023

Vidal director review ruling clarifies evaluation process of 325(d) discretionary denials

IP professionals need to know the Keysight Technologies ruling when facing IPRs connected to challenges and prior art the Patent Office already considered

22 September 2023

IP holders welcome proposed Indian patent rules amendments

Potential updates aim to expedite the grant of patents and introduce a controller to assess pre-grant oppositions

22 September 2023

Keeping collaborations on course: five tips for trade secrets owners

A recent smart poles dispute involving Nokia is a reminder of potential pitfalls when working with partners

21 September 2023

IAM Market moves to the IAM platform

The global marketplace allows IP rights owners to present assets for license, sale or transfer to our unique audience of senior decision takers and deal makers

21 September 2023

Europe’s SEP licensing regulation on course to become law

As momentum for the controversial legislation builds in EU institutions, it will be tough to halt even though its multiple flaws are becoming increasingly apparent

21 September 2023

In the ‘battle of the experts’ of IP litigation, who gets the sword?

New research study on the exclusion of IP damages experts’ opinions, which reveals trends by US district court, IP case type and damages calculation method, could help chief IP officers better control litigation spend

20 September 2023

Three things to know about the US government’s new strategy for standards development

Here’s the critical background to know as innovators today participate in a USPTO listening session about the intersection between standards development and IP

20 September 2023

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