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Ocado settlement; Huawei interview; Asia IP Elite revealed; Patent Armory assertions; proposed non-compete ban; plus much more

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30 July 2023

PTAB petitioners will love this – to patent owners’ detriment

Saturday Opinion: The US Patent and Trademark Office’s decision to enable director reviews of PTAB institution decisions is just what Big Tech has been seeking for years

29 July 2023

US Chamber of Commerce on proposed noncompete ban: “We do not want to see FTC acting like a legislator”

Senior Vice President Sean Heather tells IAM that the body is prepared to sue over the FTC’s lack of lawmaking competence

28 July 2023

$7 billion Roivant deal would be ultimate vindication of its pioneering IP commercialisation model

The company’s distinctive dealmaking approach has produced many successes to date

28 July 2023

Claims of bribery and violation of duty against former Beijing IP Court president

Expulsion from Party membership comes against backdrop of wider crackdown. Public records suggest Su Chi is the first senior and well-known IP official to be targeted

28 July 2023

USPTO Director opines on EU’s SEP proposal, reforms to PTAB and Section 101

Kathi Vidal revealed at a Senate hearing that the US government will seek stakeholder feedback on international SEP policy, plus she pledged to assist US legislation on PTAB, Section 101, and curbing counterfeits

27 July 2023

IAM’s top takeaways from IPBC Global 2023

Litigation funding, looking beyond patents and driving business in new markets – our editorial team reflects on the key messages from the world’s leading IP conference

27 July 2023

IP must pass its climate change test

With the world heating up and extreme weather events more common, technology may be the only hope there is of mitigating the effects of global warming. This sets the patent community a challenge it cannot duck

27 July 2023

Samsung, LG, Bose among targets of new US patent assertions by familiar figure

OnePlus and Pioneer were also sued by the Canadian IP monetiser behind 2022’s most prolific NPE, now asserting a new portfolio under a new name

26 July 2023

Nokia wins UK willingness decision, while Oppo terminates French distribution

Chinese handset maker to concede to UK-set FRAND rate or be injuncted in the country

26 July 2023

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