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Breaking: Sisvel launches 5G Multimode patent pool

Several former Via licensors have joined the new programme

14 December 2022

Diversity data reveals size of missed opportunities in inventors and patenting

Qualcomm executive and Invent Together director discuss initiatives at IP Dealmakers conference in New York

13 December 2022

Planning around potential problems with patent licence agreements

Two major issues often arise so each side must carefully craft provisions covering affiliates and granting termination rights

13 December 2022

EU escalates WTO anti-suit injunction dispute with China

European courts have pushed back against ASIs, but the European Commission is seeking a political fix

13 December 2022

Data shows New Jersey district court’s key for biopharma patent litigation

We have scoured Docket Navigator for must-know metrics on case filing trends, rulings on important motions, injunctive relief and damages awards

12 December 2022

Efficiency-over-quality criticisms are unfounded, says EPO VP for Patent Granting Process

Stephen Rowan speaks with IAM about how the office is seeking to maintain and improve patent quality

12 December 2022

Video IP reckoning; Amazon joins OIN; Velos joint licensing ends; Huawei-Oppo cross licence; Ericsson settles with Apple; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

11 December 2022

South Africa’s lonely DABUS island

Saturday Opinion: Christopher Mhangwane, Associate, and David Cochrane, Partner, at Spoor & Fisher argue the country should not have granted a patent listing an AI as inventor

10 December 2022

Ericsson boosted by settlement of global dispute with Apple

Multi-jurisdictional battle over 5G SEPs has come to an end

09 December 2022

2022’s pendulum oscillations at the PTAB

USPTO director’s eight-month tenure this year saw tweaks to discretionary denials and applicant-admitted prior art – to the pleasure of the anti-patent community

09 December 2022

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