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How top US patent courts compare on median time-to-trial statistics

PTAB judges have been told to focus on this data when deciding on a discretionary denial - and only SDNY beats the 18-month IPR deadline

27 June 2022

Data monetisation gathers momentum in the healthcare sector

Life sciences innovators are increasingly paying for access to high-quality data

27 June 2022

Ericsson targets Apple in UK; PTAB Fintiv changes hit patentees; IP head leaves Xiaomi; Inside GE Licensing; BlackBerry CEO claims patent sale options; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

26 June 2022

Engaging with CFOs is a challenge but by working together patent and trademark professionals can do it

Optimising relationships with company finance functions was a key talking point at this year’s IPBC Global. Success can be found if different parts of the IP ecosystem tear down their silos and collaborate

25 June 2022

Good news for patent challengers - Vidal’s Fintiv tweaks will reduce discretionary denials

PTAB practitioners say rights holders will view the recently announced changes with disappointment, but there is likely to be greater certainty and predictability around IPR institutions

24 June 2022

Pfizer in crosshairs once again in latest covid-19-related patent suit

Enanta Pharmaceuticals is seeking a share of blockbuster antiviral revenues

24 June 2022

BlackBerry CEO “responding to the calls” of other bidders for the company’s patents

John Chen says there’s a high probability that Catapult IP Innovations will still buy the portfolio, but he wants shareholders to know he’s “not just stuck with one option”

24 June 2022

Senators hear mixed views on compromise PTAB reform bill

Qualcomm’s Robert Giles was among those giving testimony before the IP Subcommittee on Wednesday

23 June 2022

Avanci and SEP licensors win again against Continental, but re-issued ruling is narrower

Court decision could reduce the standing barrier to others bringing similar suits in future

23 June 2022

Change at the top of Xiaomi’s IP Strategy team

After six years in charge, Paul Lin steps down to go solo, although he will remain an adviser to the Chinese company

23 June 2022

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