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EPO official on quality concerns; EU-China anti-suit injunction dispute escalates; new 5G Multimode patent pool; Qualcomm, Huawei and InterDigital execs discuss FRAND; US patent bills roundup; plus much more

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18 December 2022

FRAND is in the eye of the beholder

Saturday Opinion: Bird & Bird’s Richard Vary argues the case for SEP owners

17 December 2022

Intellectual Property Owners Association backs US study on covid therapeutics prior to TRIPS waiver extension

Yielding patent protection rights won’t make products magically appear, says IPO Treasurer Dan Enebo

16 December 2022

Patent bills prominent but prospects mixed as US Congress winds down

Controversial Pride in Patent Ownership bill unlikely, other bills passed or possible

16 December 2022

Six views on how innovators are stepping up to battle the climate crisis

Fast-paced, globally collaborative development of new strategies and technologies is critical

16 December 2022

FRAND negotiations, doing deals and patent pools: leaders from Huawei, Qualcomm and Interdigital have their say in IAM debate

Following a lively discussion by the leading IP licensing officers, we are pleased to make the video recording available to subscribers

16 December 2022

Five of the US patent world’s biggest news nuggets of 2022

Intel sold 5,000 patents to an NPE, Apple signed up for two multi-million dollar SEP licences, Kathi Vidal made her mark as USPTO director – and more

15 December 2022

Amgen’s $28 billion Horizon buyout is the latest deal driven by patent cliff fears

The year’s largest acquisition sees several IP-backed rare disease treatments change hands

15 December 2022

Adeia licence announcements mark strong start but investors scrutinise revenue fluctuations

The Xperi spin-out soon closes its first period as a standalone licensing business, expecting $95 million to $110 million in Q4 revenues

14 December 2022

The Leahy legacy: the power of conscience in patent policy

With Senator Leahy due to step down this month, IAM takes a look back at his impact on intellectual property

14 December 2022

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