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Protecting trade secrets in the age of ChatGPT

With AI generative models taking the world by storm, companies have a new headache figuring out how to protect proprietary information and mitigate against potentially disastrous leaks

02 June 2023

Case of Federal Circuit judge Pauline Newman throws lifetime tenure into the spotlight

Data shows it’s common for CAFC judges to serve past retirement age – just like the 95-year-old judge who denies allegations of cognitive decline impacting her work

02 June 2023

New frontiers of life sciences IP strategy are posing challenges for patent professionals

IAM's latest quarterly Special Report takes a deep dive into the trends reshaping the work of pharma and biotech patent practitioners

02 June 2023

Northern District of Texas judge cautions against ChatGPT-generated legal briefs

US District Judge Brantley Starr may oversee only small numbers of patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright cases, but what if other judges follow suit?

01 June 2023

Embrace IP disruption or get left behind

The launch of the Unified Patent Court today is the latest development in a revolutionary period that is only just getting started and from which there is no escape

01 June 2023

UPC launch is a pivotal moment for European and global patent strategy

But today is the start of a long process before the significance of the new system is fully revealed

01 June 2023

‘Showdown’: Sonos wins $32.5 million verdict from Google

Big verdict news is always interesting, but especially so here since the competitor battle followed US District Judge William Alsup’s “gunfight at the OK Corral” patent case management procedure

31 May 2023

Making your CFO an IP believer: insights from Know Labs CFO and SVP of IP

Ahead of speaking at IPBC Global later this month, Peter Conley shares his wisdom on understanding and communicating value effectively

31 May 2023

Winning patent strategies for biosimilars

Long Read: As all signs point towards a fresh surge of biosimilars litigation, experts from Goodwin Procter and Gemini Law analyse the previous tranche of disputes to tease out the strategies that can still be useful to rights holders

31 May 2023

Rumour has it that leading patent judge Alan Albright will move to Austin from Waco

US judicial vacancies always spark gossip – but there might be some truth to this one

30 May 2023

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