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Patent trends reveal China's tech prowess

Dolcera’s analysis of China’s patent landscape underscores the nation's transition from tech adopter to tech innovator

29 November 2023

Shielding trade secrets during a ‘cybersecurity pandemic’

Cyberattacks targeting IP soar, but there are steps companies can take to reduce risk

28 November 2023

Data shows most SEP holders send pre-suit demand letters – for good reason

Court rulings reveal risks for SEP holders who fail to communicate pre-litigation, explaining why 80% of SEP suits we studied alleged pre-suit offers to engage in licensing negotiations

28 November 2023

Using data to drive diversity at Spotify

The digital audio giant has been rigorously analysing the numbers to understand women inventorship

28 November 2023

IPBC Asia kicks off in Tokyo with glittering reception

Hundreds of IP professionals from across the world are gathering at the Palace Hotel in Japan for IPBC Asia 2023

28 November 2023

What can InterDigital, Ericsson, and Lenovo expect from the court overseeing their patent disputes?

Docket Navigator data shows the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, which oversees these high-profile litigations, has not handled many patent cases

27 November 2023

BREAKING: Huawei and Sharp strike SEP cross-licence deal

The agreement grants the companies use of each other’s patents in 4G and 5G standards

27 November 2023

MEPs seek SEP policy changes; EPO invalidates Moderna mRNA patent; patent pool royalty sharing; Panasonic interview; secondary patent market data; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

26 November 2023

China’s image as an IP powerhouse should be seen as a business opportunity, not a threat

Saturday Opinion: As China’s presence on the global IP stage grows, so do the accusations of IP theft it faces. But there is a danger that this rhetoric will harm both sides of the transaction table

25 November 2023

Software, electronics and semiconductors most transacted assets in Q3 2023

The latest AST Patent Deals Report shows assets being transacted by the likes of Huawei and Intel on the sell side, and Philips and Softbank on the buy side

24 November 2023

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