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Chinese businesses command top spots in budding 6G patent space

The 6G patent race is yet to kick into full gear, but data shows China is a key target market and domestic companies are keen to secure a foot in the door

01 March 2024

Whose money? Patentee, accused infringer, and firm’s litigation funder fighting for slice of settlement

BMW seeks intervention in a complex dispute between NPE Arigna Technology and Longford Capital Fund, which financed Arigna’s law firm

29 February 2024

Amgen’s UPC battles could bring consolation at the end of decade-long PCSK9 war

The company will be looking to make up for the terrible reversal of fortunes it has suffered in long-running spat with Sanofi and Regeneron

29 February 2024

Chinese patentees listed in ‘Innovation Momentum’ rankings fall by 50%

Despite seeing growth in some sectors, an analysis found a drop in Chinese companies in the chemicals and materials, information technologies and electronics sectors

29 February 2024

Hilco IP employment dispute involves high-profile US patent monetisers

The pending lawsuit involves long-time patent monetisation gurus John Veschi, Michael Friedman, and Hilco IP Merchant Bank

28 February 2024

A study on the trend of 3GPP ETSI potential essential declarations

A fresh look at declarations and the wellness of the current policies of participating companies and the wireless industry

28 February 2024

European Parliament adopts SEP regulation while UK takes different path

EU lawmakers vote overwhelmingly in favour of the controversial regulation

28 February 2024

TSMC's IP head on using a multi-pronged IP strategy to drive growth

The world’s largest semiconductor maker expects to keep facing NPE lawsuits as it expands globally, IP associate general counsel Billie Chen reveals

28 February 2024

Top blockchain patent filer nChain's licensing ambitions

Robert Alizon, chief IP officer at nChain, envisions a future where blockchain technology is standardised but nChain is not waiting to seek widespread adoption of its solution

27 February 2024

Trade secrets managers should take note: a UK law criminalising theft is now in play

The National Security Act 2023 gives an extra layer of protection to trade secrets against foreign espionage and moves prosecution to government control

27 February 2024

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