Inside Apple’s negotiations with a Chinese patent owner on the war path

The smartphone giant faces an infringement claim in Shanghai over Siri-related technology. Communications published by Chinese inventor show how the conflict developed.

Inside Apple’s negotiations with a Chinese patent owner on the war path
21 Sep 2018

PTAB reforms latest move by PTO to tackle Board’s “perception problem”  

After proposed change in claim construction standard, new procedures may lessen need for Congressional action 

21 Sep 2018

New firm backed by TCL is latest corporate foray into IP consulting services

Chinese electronics major’s general counsel will chair the new independent service provider. China is still showing strong demand for high-level IP strategy advice.


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20 Sep 2018

Senior monetisation specialist becomes latest experienced figure to depart IV

As patent sell-off continues, exit hands deal-making control to former Dublin-based fund head Read more

20 Sep 2018

At IAM event DOJ antitrust chief throws spotlight back onto SEP licensing

Violating a FRAND commitment should not give rise to an antitrust action under US law Delrahim insists as he looks for balance in debate around patent hold out and hold up. Read more

20 Sep 2018

Trade war escalation won’t curb intra-Chinese patent conflict

Chinese drone maker that hit DJI with an ITC complaint is accused of letting the side down, but it says it's putting business considerations first. Read more

18 Sep 2018

Patent groups respond to proposed increases in USPTO fees

Spotlight falls on new patent practitioner levy and big jump in cost of filing IPRs as the agency waits for Congressional action on fee-setting Read more

18 Sep 2018

Swedish eye tracking leader sues to curb Chinese upstart

IBM patent asserted against Beijing-based startup with backing from HTC and Qualcomm. NPEs are also active in a possible new VR/AR battleground. Read more

17 Sep 2018

Latest quarterly numbers show patent deal activity dropping to lowest level in two years

Exclusive analysis from AST highlights lull in the secondary market. Seiko, Sony and GE feature among top sellers; while Longitude Licensing and RPX lead the way on buyside.  Read more

17 Sep 2018

Patent controversy embroils South Korean biotech claiming key CRISPR IP

Questions emerge about whether ToolGen properly acquired foundational gene editing patents, and how much government support founder Kim Jin-soo received for his breakthrough invention. Read more

14 Sep 2018

Microsoft turns to the PTAB as it escalates dispute with Saint Regis tribe

Software giant files series of IPRs against patents transferred from SRC Labs. Reviews come after company’s announces renewal of licensing agreement with LG Electronics Read more

14 Sep 2018

Broad Institute wins crucial CRISPR decision at CAFC, but patent battle with University of California is far from over

The Federal Circuit’s judgment in favour of Broad in a much-anticipated CRISPR case is unlikely to bring the hard-fought patent dispute with its West Coast rival to an end just yet. Read more

14 Sep 2018

High stakes validity battle in South Korea makes strange bedfellows of Apple and Samsung

University that scored $400m Samsung verdict in the United States is now asking Korean ITC equivalent to ban iPhone imports. Read more

13 Sep 2018

Fortress’s burgeoning IP group adds Tivo patent dealmaker

The hire of Courtney Quish and the closing of an investment fund thought to be close to $1 billion in value adds even more heft to the team headed by Eran Zur Read more

13 Sep 2018

Patent litigation in Japan should be more attractive option, says JPO commissioner

In opening speech at IPBC Japan, Naoko Munakata suggests that rethinking rules around evidence collection and damages awards may make the system more "user-friendly" to start-ups and bigger companies Read more

12 Sep 2018

DoJ antitrust chief Delrahim headlines IAM’s Patent Licensing in San Francisco next week

Fourth edition of this annual event also boasts high-profile speakers from AT&T, Cisco, Ericsson, Google, Honda, IBM, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics – and many more Read more

11 Sep 2018

More details emerge of Samsung patent transfer to Sisvel

Deal between the two came as Korean tech giant agreed to royalty bearing licence to NPE’s Wi-Fi portfolio Read more

11 Sep 2018

‘No timeline’ for 5G rate disclosure, Huawei IP chief tells IAM

In an exclusive interview, Jason Ding explains why aggregate royalties may come down in the 5G era and suggests that announcing rates now would be jumping the gun. Read more

10 Sep 2018

VW most active auto player in patent disputes, study finds

Courts in Europe now hear more cases than those in the US, though suits are down everywhere; IPRs, on the other hand, are growing in importance Read more

10 Sep 2018

Japanese suppliers see little alternative to litigation as challenges in China mount

Companies across the auto supply chain seek to stop infringement and prevent trade secret loss as China’s central government seeks to boost local players. Read more

10 Sep 2018

Chinese firm’s rare victory in trade secrets case holds lessons for other defendants

Qingdao metal manufacturer fended off ITC Section 337 complaint with fastidious R&D record keeping, among other factors Read more

7 Sep 2018

NTT Docomo seals SEP licence deal with Xiaomi

Japanese telecom signs up a third major smartphone vendor as it continues to implement a more proactive patent monetisation strategy. Read more

6 Sep 2018

Facebook hits back at BlackBerry, but not before stocking up on ammunition

The social media giant - whose IP group is headed up by former Google patent chief Allen Lo - bought five of the six patents it is now asserting in a counter-suit against the Canadian company in July and August Read more

4 Sep 2018

Predictions of 2018 pharma M&A surge fall flat, but patent licensing deals are at a record high

Despite forecasts of a sharp rise in pharma deal-making activity, it has proved to be a slow year on the M&A front. One reason may be that licensing partnerships are proving far more popular than many had expected. Read more

3 Sep 2018

Chinese drone makers square up at ITC

Armed with an industry-leading patent portfolio, DJI faces competitor litigation while dealing with increasing attention from NPEs. Read more

31 Aug 2018

China set to overtake Japan in semiconductor sensor filings, but Sony remains top player

In the second part of our analysis of the semiconductor landscape we reveal that Sony is the top owner of semiconductor sensor patents, while Panasonic seems to have shifted its focus away. Read more

30 Aug 2018

SK Hynix bolsters patent holdings, buying two portfolios

Korean chipmaker turns to HP Enterprise and Integrated Device Technology as its US patent risks escalate Read more

29 Aug 2018

Linn - the US is still a gold standard patent jurisdiction

In an exclusive interview to mark his induction into the IP Hall of Fame, the senior Federal Circuit judge defends the court against recent criticisms and looks back on a stellar career  Read more

28 Aug 2018

How the Supreme Court’s newest justice has impacted patent law

Since joining America's highest court, Justice Gorsuch has revealed some of his thinking on patent issues and his overall judicial record provides some clues as to how he could view key cases if they come before the court.   Read more

28 Aug 2018

Welcome to IAM 2.0

A completely rethought and redesigned IAM platform reflects the realities of today’s ever-more complex global IP market and the needs of those who work within it. Read more

27 Aug 2018

Huawei transferred hundreds of patents to Qualcomm in months after NDRC settlement

Chinese media question 2015 transaction as the two companies work to resolve an ongoing dispute involving withheld royalty payments. Read more

24 Aug 2018

SCOTUS petition on HIV drug patents poses reputational as well as legal risks for pharma companies

An HIV/AIDS non-profit organisation is seeking a change in the law surrounding patent invalidity lawsuits. Read more

24 Aug 2018

Chinese patent quality and innovation should not be underestimated, new study claims

The self-reported quality of Chinese patents is consistent with objective measures of patent quality, according to a new study. It also looks at policy changes that could enhance the value of patents in China further. Read more

23 Aug 2018

Japan to extend design patent term by five years

Legislation proposed by the JPO may also extend greater design protection to graphical user interfaces in bid to help system keep pace with new technology. Read more

22 Aug 2018

With the strongest speech recognition portfolio, specialist operator Nuance holds off big tech players

A new analysis of the IP landscape of speech recognition technology reveals that Nuance Communications has the most grants and the highest quality patents in the field, while Microsoft is the most active player.  Read more

21 Aug 2018

Nokia reveals expected licensing rate for 5G phones

Finnish mobile giant joins rivals Ericsson and Qualcomm in announcing royalty, although likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei may pay much less for new generation of devices.  Read more

20 Aug 2018

Size of drug patent thickets highlighted by report, amidst intense pharma IP scrutiny

A new report revealing the large number of secondary patents granted, and applied for, by the owners of the US' best-selling drugs is sure to fuel the ongoing controversy over pharma IP rights. Read more

20 Aug 2018

Chinese battery maker picks up 100+ patents from Google

The buyer, Amperex Technology Limited, is facing a US patent suit and ITC investigation from LG Chem. The portfolio of former Motorola assets had been on the market since 2015. Read more

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