Mobile Communications

Samsung hit with smartphone patents recently sold by LG Innotek

Suit filed by Irish NPE in Western District of Texas could bring concerns over the separate LG Electronics portfolio to the forefront

Samsung hit with smartphone patents recently sold by LG Innotek
Huawei reports patent royalty income of $600 million in first quarter
3 May 2021

Huawei reports patent royalty income of $600 million in first quarter

Chinese company cites licensing revenue as one reason why it has remained profitable despite a sharp decline in its smartphone business

Patent counting is here to stay – and the 6G horse race has already begun
1 May 2021

Patent counting is here to stay – and the 6G horse race has already begun

Like it or not, governments think quantity matters and SEP portfolios are fast becoming a key metric for great power competition in the information age


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30 Apr 2021

The prospect of an LG SEP sale is making some in South Korea nervous

Wireless patents are among the portfolios being shopped by the electronics giant as it withdraws from the smartphone industry – some in South Korea would prefer to keep these rights at home Read more

29 Apr 2021

Qualcomm and Nokia see licensing bump after handset market's Q1 boost

Chip giant leads the way as mobile sales continue to recover, despite Huawei’s decline in the sector Read more

28 Apr 2021

Why comparable licences are key in the biggest SEP battles

The Long Read: The Patents Court in the UK has seen more than its fair share of precedent-busting FRAND cases in recent years. EIP’s Tom Brazier takes a scalpel to three of the biggest to tease out how litigants can secure disclosure of the kind of commercially sensitive information that will set them up for courtroom success Read more

27 Apr 2021

Settlement between Daimler and Conversant draws line under another long-running auto patent battle

Agreement follows the NPE's licensing deal with RPX, but the auto giant's ongoing battle with Nokia shows no signs of coming to an end Read more


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15 Feb 2021

Uptrend in oppositions could spell costly delays for Indian patent applicants

Practitioners say greater attention to detail during the prosecution process can head off frivolous challenges Read more

19 Dec 2020

Those who adopt a hold-out strategy in SEP FRAND licensing should face the prospect of a market red card

Football shows how to deal with the long delays in licensing negotiations caused by those doing all they can to avoid paying a fair royalty, argues InterDigital’s Eeva Hakoranta Read more

18 Dec 2020

Japan’s leading corporate IP departments revealed

The country's Asia IP Elite made some big strategic shifts in 2020 as they weathered an unprecedented year Read more

17 Dec 2020

China’s top in-house IP teams revealed

In a year marked by resilience, Chinese IP giants are pushing to close the gap with overseas competitors Read more


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26 Apr 2021

Why the DOJ’s latest IEEE move is a giveaway to Big Tech at the expense of US technology leadership

Moving a recent business review letter over the standards body’s controversial 2015 patent policy also raises questions around national security and good government practices, says IP consultant David Cohen. Read more

26 Apr 2021

Armed with hundreds of former Huawei patents, spinoff seeks to sell 100 million smartphones this year

Newly independent brand Honor receives an IP injection from its former owner as it sets up an standalone patent department Read more

24 Apr 2021

Why high-tech patent expertise will be increasingly valued by life sciences companies

If the experience of NantWorks’ IP chief Mark Kokes is anything to go by, leading strategists from other sectors can make a splash in pharma and biotech Read more

23 Apr 2021

What the decline of a big patent buyer means for Chinese IP strategies

Rising US-China tensions create big supply chain risk that could dent mid-sized suppliers’ appetite for overseas acquisitions Read more


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12 Aug 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in May, June and July Read more

12 Aug 2020

As the fallout from covid continues, the two IP superpowers offer different messages

While China cheers an uptick in applications, the USPTO warns of a prolonged downturn Read more

8 Jun 2020

IP Market news highlights

IAM’s biggest spring reads Read more

8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more