ROI-22-0012 Stefan Reich: Drone Flight Stabilization - 7 assets

Listed by: RZV on 17 July 2023


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2 US issued patents and 2 EP issued patents (validated in DE, FR, GB, CH) across 2 families related to drone flight stabilization using optical sensors. With strong commercial adoption, this technology comprises an essential feature in contemporary drones as it prevents crashes or drifts while also enabling reliable landing and flight stability.

EOU is available to interested parties under NDA.

Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: 3D Robotics, AeryonLabs, Boeing, Bell Textron, DJI, EHang, General Atomics, Hitachi, Honeywell, Intel, LIGNex1, Northrop Grumman, Parrot, RyzeTech, Sony, Thales, Xiaomi, Yamaha, and Yuneec, among others.

More information is available upon request and under NDA. 

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Contact info: Gustavo Aray at [email protected].

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