ROI-21-0305: UHD TV, Video, and Imaging Portfolio - 21 assets

Listed by: RZV on 17 July 2023



Licensees signed

4 US issued patents and 17 international counterparts (CN, DE, KR, IT, GB, FR) across 4 families related to UHD TVs, OTT video, video monitoring services, and digital images. More specifically, these families relate to: (1) multi-view in display devices such as UHDs and monitors capable of simultaneously displaying content from multiple sources, (2) zooming of content in a video stream. The inventions are applicable to commercially available video surveillance products as well as certain TVs employing user defined view modes, and (3) the use of watermarks for referencing and interconnecting content, applications, and metadata for in interactive TV. 

Five EOUs and one IOU available upon request and under NDA. 

Whitelist check available under NDA.

More information available upon request and under NDA. 

Package data provided by Richardson Oliver Insights. 

Contact info: Gustavo Aray at [email protected].

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