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Olympus exit from consumer business sets stage for IP strategy re-think

The Japanese company is shifting its portfolio away from cameras and toward next-generation technologies, while also keeping an eye on costs

Olympus exit from consumer business sets stage for IP strategy re-think
Door “wide open” for software patents in China, but enforcement could be another matter
2 Jul 2020

Door “wide open” for software patents in China, but enforcement could be another matter

Chinese courts are more cautious than the patent office, Tsinghua professor cautions, and it could be some time before we know how software-friendly they are

Study: Chinese patent office invalidates half of NPE rights
30 Jun 2020

Study: Chinese patent office invalidates half of NPE rights

New research from Clarivate finds that NPEs fare slightly worse than average in patent validity challenges, with fewer than one-third keeping all claims


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26 Jun 2020

The era of the mega-NPE is upon us and that wasn't part of Big Tech's plans

Fortress’s offer for Finjan means another PIPCO is set to disappear and confirms that in the IP monetisation business it is now the giants that rule the roost Read more

26 Jun 2020

Sisvel adds new partners in significant expansion of its WiFi patent platform

Philips joins pool, while InterDigital, Nokia and Samsung are among the big names to have signed up for joint licensing approach Read more

26 Jun 2020

China’s top IP judge suggests mechanisms for anti-suit injunctions needed

Luo Dongchuan, president of the Supreme People’s Court IP Tribunal, also says authorities should study measures to speed up cases Read more

24 Jun 2020

Japan government study group endorses ‘license-to-all’ SEP policy and ‘top-down’ FRAND rates

Attorneys and academics convened by Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry weigh in on key debates in the wireless licensing space Read more


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13 Jun 2020

It’s a great time to be involved in IP finance

Why you should expect an increase in patent-focused financing deals involving biotech and other life sciences companies Read more

26 May 2020

WHO covid-19 IP pool launches this week without strong pharma support

Open and global sharing of patents, data and know-how is seen as a step too far by many life sciences innovators Read more

25 May 2020

Japanese covid-19 patent pledge triples membership, but users must read fine print

Big-name electronics and chemical companies have continued to sign on, but several have taken the opportunity to narrow the terms of the pledge and remind potential infringers that they won’t tolerate abuse Read more

21 May 2020

Global calls for compulsory covid-19 patent licensing build

Scrutiny of biopharma innovators’ coronavirus IP strategies will continue to intensify in coming months as concerns mount about access to treatments Read more


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23 Jun 2020

Big Pharma facing shortage of late-stage assets as M&A dries up

Pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works for large life sciences companies, which have fewer phase three novel drugs than at any point in the last decade Read more

22 Jun 2020

China-focused NPE iPEL notches first public settlement

Deal with Extreme Networks comes as company promises to escalate campaign against Netgear. The California-based licensing firm owns hundreds of former Huawei and ZTE patents Read more

19 Jun 2020

Acacia biotech deal comes under scrutiny but the market gives it the thumbs up

NPE’s share price sees big jump after Woodford deal as further details suggest it got the best side of transaction Read more

19 Jun 2020

The advantages and disadvantages of WIPO PROOF

The World Intellectual Property Organization rolled out its new timestamping solution in May and while it has a lot going for it, there are downsides too Read more


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8 Jun 2020

IP Market news highlights

IAM’s biggest spring reads Read more

8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

4 Mar 2020

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A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in December, January and February. Read more

30 Aug 2019

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