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The USPTO leads the way in promoting diversity in the patent system

The Long Read: In a groundbreaking analysis of data from the agency, Michael Pellegrino explores the extent to which initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion are having a real-world effect on the US innovation landscape

26 May 2021

How to calculate ROI for patent portfolios and boost corporate value

The Long Read: These days, both the tools and data are available to develop models for creating significant value from corporate IP assets. All too often, though, what is still missing is the will to use them. Jeremiah Chan and Jonathan Liu of Facebook and Cipher’s Nigel Swycher and Steve Harris argue that a change of mindset among portfolio managers could reap significant rewards

19 May 2021

Nokia-Daimler SEP licensing stand-off shows why auto supplier indemnification is crucial

The Long Read: Unresolved questions around component-level licensing demonstrate that the issue of indemnification is vital for automotive suppliers. Avvika’s Eric Stasik takes a deep dive into one high-profile dispute and argues that Huawei may be using the situation to stir up trouble

12 May 2021

Top judge's blueprint for the future of IP litigation in India

The Long Read: Justice Manmohan Singh was the chair of the recently abolished Intellectual Property Appellate Board and before that sat on the bench of the Delhi High Court where he presided over a series of landmark patent cases. In an exclusive interview, he talks about his shock at the Indian government's decision to do away with the board but argues that rights holders should not lose hope for the future

05 May 2021

Why comparable licences are key in the biggest SEP battles

The Long Read: The Patents Court in the UK has seen more than its fair share of precedent-busting FRAND cases in recent years. EIP’s Tom Brazier takes a scalpel to three of the biggest to tease out how litigants can secure disclosure of the kind of commercially sensitive information that will set them up for courtroom success

28 April 2021

The Internet of Bodies could save many lives but risks failing without standards

The long read: Ericsson’s Eleftheria Stefanaki raises the alarm over a lack of data security and rising interoperability issues, which could fatally damage personal health innovations unless standards-setting organisations get organised – and fast.

21 April 2021

How mapping IP and other intangibles can drive business value

The long read: Charting the value of intellectual assets can be difficult, writes Deloitte's Tim Heberden, but there are ways of showing their role as the drivers of revenue, efficiency and risk, and even in locating the value flows between them

14 April 2021

Relaxing patent rights in a pandemic is a win for innovators and the public

The long read: Womble Bond Dickinson’s Ben Bourke takes a deep dive into how life science companies have handled their IP portfolios over the covid-19 pandemic – in particular Moderna Therapeutics’ pledge not to enforce patents relating to its vaccine – and examines how such adjustments can prepare the ground for future inventions

07 April 2021

Why and when reexams can be a better option than inter partes reviews at the USPTO

The long read: There is growing evidence that patent litigants are turning to ex parte reexaminations to bolster their PTAB strategies. Cozen O’Connor’s Jeffrey Townes and Hongling Zou analyse why older tools deserve a second look and explore how to get best value from them

31 March 2021

BioNTech’s IP team leaders on their role in the race to develop the first covid vaccine

The long read: In an exclusive interview, the German company's James Ryan and Julie Anne Gillespie talk about their once-in-a-career experience of working on a project that will help change the world

24 March 2021

Samsung v Ericsson and why anti-anti-suit injunctions are a dead end

The Long Read: Bird & Bird’s Richard Vary unpicks the tangled history of anti-suit injunctions to expose their lack of logic and explain why the solution to some of today’s titanic licensing struggles may lie somewhere else entirely

17 March 2021

Six key rules for successful life sciences technology transfer

The long read: IAM distils key strategic insights from exclusive interviews with thought leaders at Oxford, Imperial, UCL and the Oregon Health & Science University

10 March 2021

Samsung, LG and South Korea’s trade secrets dilemma

The long read: Few countries are more focused on the threat of IP leaks to China than South Korea. But when it comes to shoring up legal protections for trade secrets, senior leaders have put on the brakes, anticipating threats to key industry players and national technology goals

03 March 2021

As technology demystifies IP, money will flow into the space like never before, says Erich Spangenberg

The long read: The enfant terrible of the patent world is as hungry as ever after his move into services with IPwe. In an exclusive interview, he talks candidly about the need to dismantle silos in the ecosystem, how AI can transform patent monetisation and investment, and which country will emerge as the world’s next IP superpower

24 February 2021

How SMEs can use IP to secure success in the new data-fuelled AI paradigm

The long read: Data does not have to be an opportunity just for the biggest players, smaller businesses can also get in on the act – but only if they think carefully about IP strategy

17 February 2021

Why benchmarking is essential to patent strategy and how best to use analytics

The long read: The key findings of an exclusive new survey that lifts the lid on which metrics rights owners value when comparing their portfolios against others

10 February 2021

A six-point plan for a new approach to assessing SEP essentiality

The long read: As the European Commission  calls for reform of the framework governing the declaration, licensing and enforcement of SEPs, former EPO chief economist Nikolaus Thumm and ex-Philips CIPO Ruud Peters outline an effective structure for a new system

03 February 2021

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