Long read

How SMEs can use IP to secure success in the new data-fuelled AI paradigm

The long read: Data does not have to be an opportunity just for the biggest players, smaller businesses can also get in on the act – but only if they think carefully about IP strategy

17 February 2021

Why benchmarking is essential to patent strategy and how best to use analytics

The long read: The key findings of an exclusive new survey that lifts the lid on which metrics rights owners value when comparing their portfolios against others

10 February 2021

A six-point plan for a new approach to assessing SEP essentiality

The long read: As the European Commission  calls for reform of the framework governing the declaration, licensing and enforcement of SEPs, former EPO chief economist Nikolaus Thumm and ex-Philips CIPO Ruud Peters outline an effective structure for a new system

03 February 2021

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