Long read

Patent trends reveal China's tech prowess

Dolcera’s analysis of China’s patent landscape underscores the nation's transition from tech adopter to tech innovator

29 November 2023

Europe's top 100 patent owners for 2022

Dolcera’s patent analysis takes a deep dive into Europe’s biggest players and reveals that the technology and manufacturing sectors are yet to realise their full potential.

23 November 2023

Coming to America: funding for small innovators seeking patents to enter the US

We spotlight IP funding programmes in Singapore, Germany, China, and the European Union that incentivise small-to-medium-sized enterprises to globalise their patent portfolios

22 November 2023

FRAND licensing needs industry leadership

Former company IPR lead in ETSI, Richard Buttrick, unpicks the history of SEP licensing and urges industry to reassert ownership

09 November 2023

Autonomous trucking innovator TuSimple reveals its patent strategy

Follow this roadmap for IP success as a high-growth but pre-revenue tech firm, write TuSimple IP Head Paul Liu and Kent Richardson of Richardson Oliver Law

08 November 2023

Top 100 US patent owners 2022

Featured in Portfolio Data

Dolcera’s analysis of US patents last year shows Samsung dominates in volume and increasing emphasis on AI filings by companies

27 October 2023

Leadership in IP departments: do we know and do the right things?

A patent team’s success relies on chief IP officer’s ability to lead oneself, act impactfully, empower the team, and lead strategically

25 October 2023

IP shares: a means to simplify licensing of standard essential patents

Joachim Henkel and Taraneh Maghamé have a bold proposal for SEP licensing: if the innovators who contribute to a technological standard were to collaborate and agree to the IP share of each patent holder, it could bring advantages over the status quo in FRAND licensing

18 October 2023

The changing face of IP litigation in India

A guide to the tools and rules of the developing IP Division system

04 October 2023

Introducing the LES build-up method to determine royalty rates

Many patent licensing and litigation questions can be answered using this approach, developed by Licensing Executives Society USA and Canada

13 September 2023

Why good IP systems need strong democratic institutions

Rouse’s Nick Redfearn and Edmund J Baranda offer their insight into the interaction between politics and intellectual property in Southeast Asia

06 September 2023

Meet Meta’s patents team, in which diversity strengthens strategy, acquisitions and licensing

Through a series of exclusive interviews with IAM, Meta’s patents, licensing and open-source leaders take us inside their patent strategy

23 August 2023

Navigating China’s patent linkage system: challenges and opportunities

Its evolution and the related implications are critical for both originators and generics

09 August 2023

IAM’s top takeaways from IPBC Global 2023

Litigation funding, looking beyond patents and driving business in new markets – our editorial team reflects on the key messages from the world’s leading IP conference

27 July 2023

Video codec technologies: relevance, implementation and licensing uncertainty

Igor Nikolic, of the European University Institute, takes a close look at the video code landscape and implications for streaming services providers

12 July 2023

Brand protection in the Web 3.0 and metaverse 'Wild West'

Taylor Wessing’s Christian Tenkhoff, Tamara Herzog and Sylvia Burgess-Tate outline the current issues facing brands and offer seven simple steps to prepare for the digital future

28 June 2023

Unpicking China’s patent litigation and enforcement activity data

The volume of lawsuits is on the rise, a Chinese legal expert writes, but anti-NPE sentiment is also in play

07 June 2023

Winning patent strategies for biosimilars

Long Read: As all signs point towards a fresh surge of biosimilars litigation, experts from Goodwin Procter and Gemini Law analyse the previous tranche of disputes to tease out the strategies that can still be useful to rights holders

31 May 2023

Efficient IP management in a market increasingly using open source

The OpenChain Specification 2.1 guide for minimising future friction and risks

17 May 2023

This apportionment strategy can help protect your IP damages award

Relying on too few apportionment parameters can be risky while using multiple methods can help safeguard a potential payout

03 May 2023

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