At the post-Iancu USPTO, will the PTAB squeeze on petitioners continue?

Changes introduced by the agency's former head have tilted the balance of power in the direction of patent owners but that trend is not guaranteed to carry on

At the post-Iancu USPTO, will the PTAB squeeze on petitioners continue?
China’s top court hands out record trade secrets award
26 Feb 2021

China’s top court hands out record trade secrets award

The $25 million ruling comes in a clash between two of the world’s biggest producers of vanillin, a synthetic alternative to vanilla

Ericsson, Samsung spar over venue and FRAND in Wuhan court hearing
24 Feb 2021

Ericsson, Samsung spar over venue and FRAND in Wuhan court hearing

Arguing for reversal of an anti-suit injunction passed last December, Swedish company suggests “broad, severe and global” ruling could amount to forced tech transfer


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23 Feb 2021

The changing PTAB playbook means long-neglected re-exams might be making a comeback

A rise in discretionary denials has hampered companies’ tactics when its comes to IPRs and that is prompting some to look again at an alternative USPTO proceeding Read more

18 Feb 2021

Seven top IP tips for biotech SMEs

How smaller biotechs can best overcome pitfalls and maximise the value of their inventions Read more

16 Feb 2021

The CAFC’s Amgen v Sanofi decision spells trouble for broad functional patent claims

The CAFC’s much-anticipated ruling has major implications for antibody patents and continues the court’s trend of imposing a tough enablement standard for genus claims Read more

12 Feb 2021

Ford CEO weighs in on “really embarrassing” South Korean battery trade secrets fight

With the auto giant set for a high-profile roll out of several new electric vehicles, the dispute between LG Chem and SK Innovation is once again in the spotlight Read more


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19 Dec 2020

Those who adopt a hold-out strategy in SEP FRAND licensing should face the prospect of a market red card

Football shows how to deal with the long delays in licensing negotiations caused by those doing all they can to avoid paying a fair royalty, argues InterDigital’s Eeva Hakoranta Read more

14 Dec 2020

The last 12 months have been good for patent owners, say global IP leaders

Exclusive Panels Report for IAM focuses on key issues, including: portfolio management, litigation, monetisation, the regulatory environment and strategic priorities Read more

28 Nov 2020

The EU has the chance to seize global patent leadership

Europe has never been in a better position to set rules the rest of the world must follow Read more

19 Nov 2020

Your guide to covid-19 vaccine stakeholders’ IP strategies

IAM examines the approaches taken by – and the issues facing – the leading companies in the race to find effective coronavirus inoculations Read more


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12 Feb 2021

Chinese patent office appears much more dangerous if you're a foreign SEP owner

Statistics show that smartphone companies challenging foreign SEPs were top users of invalidation procedures in 2020, and did far better than average Read more

11 Feb 2021

How the rise of PTAB discretionary denials impacts Hatch-Waxman strategies

The recent rejection of a Mylan IPR petition – currently being challenged at the Federal Circuit – is good news for pharma patentees and bad news for generics Read more

10 Feb 2021

New analysis claims the economic risk posed by NPEs is set to surge

A report from RPX claims that new sources of capital make NPEs as strong as they were in the period between 2011 and 2015. Of course, they would say that - but that does not mean they are wrong Read more

10 Feb 2021

Wave of litigation against Netgear signals evolving NPE threat in China

Chinese entities file slew of suits with patents linked to Huawei and licensing firm iPEL Read more


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4 Nov 2020

Supreme Court could signal time’s up for Google’s anti-competitive IP infringement

A long-running battle with Oracle once again shines the spotlight on a pattern of alleged major IP infringements by the search giant Read more

12 Aug 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in May, June and July Read more

8 Jun 2020

IP Market news highlights

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8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

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