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A patent's journey from IAM Market to Facebook v BlackBerry

Analysis shows that assets listed on the platform sell at a higher rate than average, while they are also litigated more often

A patent's journey from <em>IAM</em> Market to <em>Facebook v BlackBerry</em>
How a platform technology patent list can expedite covid-19 vaccine research
7 Jul 2020

How a platform technology patent list can expedite covid-19 vaccine research

More transparency around IP ownership in this vital area will help the development of treatments designed to tackle the coronavirus

New data shows dramatic rise in use of deferred examination at the USPTO
6 Jul 2020

New data shows dramatic rise in use of deferred examination at the USPTO

As budgetary constraints become increasingly central to strategic planning it is likely that the ability to delay examination for up to three years will become even more popular


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6 Jul 2020

Pharma linkage provisions headline proposed Chinese patent reforms

New amendments look set to cement a key feature of the US-China trade deal Read more

3 Jul 2020

Olympus exit from consumer business sets stage for IP strategy re-think

The Japanese company is shifting its portfolio away from cameras and toward next-generation technologies, while also keeping an eye on costs Read more

2 Jul 2020

Why IP licensing is the best way to close biopharma innovation gaps

Impact of covid-19 pandemic remain unclear, but new research points to the big benefits of bringing in technology from outside Read more

2 Jul 2020

SCOTUS doctrine of equivalents case refusal is good news for patent owners

Denial of cert in Eli Lilly v Hospira means that “tangential exception” will not be narrowed, but innovators must beware of pitfalls Read more


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26 Jun 2020

The era of the mega-NPE is upon us and that wasn't part of Big Tech's plans

Fortress’s offer for Finjan means another PIPCO is set to disappear and confirms that in the IP monetisation business it is now the giants that rule the roost Read more

13 Jun 2020

It’s a great time to be involved in IP finance

Why you should expect an increase in patent-focused financing deals involving biotech and other life sciences companies Read more

11 Jun 2020

We name the world's top patent lawyers, attorneys, practices and firms

The 2020 edition of the IAM Patent 1000 features in-depth analysis of the markets in 48 key jurisdictions and is based on thousands of submissions, interviews and client references Read more

30 May 2020

Politics look set to trump patents in China’s coronavirus vaccine effort

Remarks made by Xi Jinping suggest that if a Chinese company develops a covid-19 cure, compulsory licensing’s big moment might not arrive after all Read more


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1 Jul 2020

Microsoft supplants Samsung to become most-targeted defendant in US patent cases

Numbers for second quarter litigation reveal uptick in district court lawsuits and new PTAB reviews; Dell and Google also frequent assertion targets Read more

30 Jun 2020

UK Supreme Court sufficiency ruling will have big impact on patent strategies

Biotech innovators may have to wait longer to file applications or disclose more information Read more

26 Jun 2020

Unified’s $3bn PTAB report will make eyes roll - but dismiss it at your peril

Study claims that Board has led to an increase in business activity in the US and looks set to influence policy discussions Read more

25 Jun 2020

Biogen’s loss of Tecfidera US patent has major commercial implications

The company’s failure to provide an adequate written description mean that up to one third of its free cashflow is now under threat Read more


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8 Jun 2020

IP Market news highlights

IAM’s biggest spring reads Read more

8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

4 Mar 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in December, January and February. Read more

29 Nov 2019

IP market news highlights

IAM’s biggest autumn reads Read more