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Revealed - every entity with 1,000 or more active US patents 

There are 367 entities in the IAM/ktMINE US Patent 1000 club. We begin to name them all today by counting down to number 275 

Revealed <em>-</em> every entity with 1,000 or more active US patents 
18 May 2019

AbbVie’s Humira victories show US biosimilars have a mountain to climb

The drug maker’s secondary patent strategy is vindicated after it guarantees market exclusivity over the world’s best-selling drug following favourable settlement with final hold-out

14 May 2019

FDA patent list reforms are now firmly on the US legislative agenda

Unanimous votes by the House of Representatives signal that changes to the Orange and Purple Books stand a good chance of being implemented


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10 May 2019

Federal Circuit reaffirms importance of secondary considerations in pharmaceutical patents

The precedential decision, a win for patentee Eli Lilly, is particularly informative on the role of scepticism of others in determining the patentability of an invention Read more

8 May 2019

Over 70 IP business leaders confirmed to speak at IPBC Global 2019

The world's leading event about IP value creation is taking place in Boston at the Westin Waterfront from 16th to 18th June, with over 500 delegates already signed up and space for more limited Read more

7 May 2019

Research on medical diagnostic patent applications highlights that the US system is increasingly tilted to the deepest pockets

Paper points to the stark effects that the Supreme Court's Mayo decision has had on grant rates, with applicants and their advisers now facing increased uncertainty and higher costs Read more

7 May 2019

MEPs approve contentious SPC change; pharma deal volume down; UCal gets key CRISPR patent; danger of reverse trolls in China; and much more

Our round-up of April’s key legislative, legal and market developments affecting life sciences patent owners and their advisers Read more


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23 Apr 2019

US patent litigation is down, but not for Korean companies

South Korean government study also shows that NPEs continue to target foreign defendants in places like Marshall, Texas (pictured) post TC Heartland Read more

9 Apr 2019

'Reverse patent trolls' plague big pharma in China

The high invalidation rate for life science patents in China has created a headache for drug companies and a money-making opportunity for enterprising individuals Read more

6 Apr 2019

The big biopharma patent developments in March

Everything you need to know about the major news stories in the life sciences sector that broke last month Read more

2 Apr 2019

How the global IP market looks from the heart of China's high-tech industry

An inside look at Huawei’s patent buying strategy, TCL’s safeguards against over-investment, Baidu’s IP shift and much more from IPBC Shenzhen Read more


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2 May 2019

Backlash against PepsiCo’s Indian plant variety lawsuit highlights IP enforcement difficulties

Company faces major brand backlash after launching a suit against farmers it accused of infringing rights protecting the potato type used to make Lay's crisps Read more

30 Apr 2019

UCal granted wide-ranging CRISPR rights, but future patent landscape remains uncertain

Despite doubts, the University of California has been awarded fundamental rights to Cas9 gene-editing technology. But validity challenges could be on the way, experts say. Read more

26 Apr 2019

30-month stay targeted in latest US pharma patent reform legislation

The REMEDY Act is part of a growing legislative narrative seeking to curtail high medicine prices by targeting the nexus of litigation and regulatory drug approval Read more

19 Apr 2019

New framework for US patent eligibility reform runs into familiar problems

At a well-attended Washington DC meeting on Wednesday, key stakeholders struggled to get past a series of issues that have consistently hampered attempts to deliver changes to Section 101 via Congress Read more


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1 Apr 2019

IP market news highlights

The big stories from the IAM platform in February and March. Read more