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UCal to end up with “incredibly narrow” CRISPR rights following CAFC loss

University of California’s situation after court setback in fight with Broad Institute highlights the dangers of pursuing interference proceedings, says leading commentator

UCal to end up with “incredibly narrow” CRISPR rights following CAFC loss
7 Nov 2018

Following US mid-terms don't expect big patent moves in DC, but the life sciences industries should beware

A split Congress and a USPTO director looking to rebalance the system probably rule out further legislative reform, but pharma may be vulnerable to moves related to pricing issues 

5 Nov 2018

European SPC ruling is a blow for medical device innovators

Court of Justice delivers decision that will make it harder for inventors of device-drug combination products to obtain patent term extensions


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2 Nov 2018

Four patent lessons the tech sector can teach life sciences companies

With biopharma businesses facing up to unprecedented technological change, the IP issues that they deal with may begin to look more like those that have already become common elsewhere Read more

1 Nov 2018

The four big trends that will transform life sciences patent strategies

As pharmaceutical R&D increasingly relies on interoperability, connectivity and data sharing, the way in which life sciences companies approach IP will have to change Read more

29 Oct 2018

Cautious no more, Iancu sets out his stall

In taking on the big beasts of Silicon Valley so directly, the USPTO director is gambling that he can change the patent narrative they have helped to create Read more

26 Oct 2018

Cannabis food and drink patent war on the horizon as sector set to boom

Data analysis reveals sparsely populated IP landscape and, with many big companies yet to enter the fray, “once-in-a-generation” opportunities for innovators Read more


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26 Oct 2018

Australian firms play smart with limited patent resources

At IPBC Australasia in Melbourne, in-house leaders discuss patent reform, doing more with less,  and using IP to attract investment. Read more

22 Oct 2018

Latest EPO Guidelines bring substantial revisions, with CIIs a major focus 

New edition will be effective from 1st November. As well as software-related topics, it covers issues such as unity of inventions, biological processes and changes to oral and opposition proceedings Read more

17 Oct 2018

CRISPR: the anatomy of a patent landscape

A deep dive into a potentially game-changing technology provides important insights not only for patent professionals, but also for their colleagues in various other business-critical roles Read more

14 Oct 2018

The big life sciences IP developments in September

In our latest monthly round-up of patent news from the life sciences – covering September - we report on a crucial CRISPR win for the Broad Institute, the launch of WIPO’s new pharma patent database, important judicial comings goings in the District of Delaware, and a whole lot more besides Read more


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23 Oct 2018

New initiative can help answer patent system criticisms, says Novartis’ IP policy chief

In an exclusive interview with IAM, Corey Salsberg sung the praises of the Pat-INFORMED database and predicted more to come for the platform Read more

12 Oct 2018

Trump signs law that subjects all biosimilar patent settlements to FTC scrutiny

Heightened concern over pay-for-delay strategies has driven the legislation at a time when the number of biosimilars being approved is set to rise sharply Read more

8 Oct 2018

Life sciences innovators to gain from “new NAFTA”, but not immediately

The recently-struck deal promises to boost IP protection for pharma innovators in North America, but it will be years until it has an impact Read more

24 Sep 2018

Postponement of ruling on key pharma “pipeline patents” case leaves Brazilian life sciences industry in lurch

Supreme Court has taken nearly a decade to rule on a constitutional challenge to a controversial law allowing pharma companies to bypass the regular patenting process Read more