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UPC central division will have branch in Milan, Italian government announces

But there’s no clarity yet on the new section’s competencies

19 May 2023

Timeline of allegations against Federal Circuit Judge Pauline Newman

The long-serving patent appeals judge has filed responses and a civil rights lawsuit that dispute claims of poor health and demand that the investigation is transferred to another circuit court

18 May 2023

German court issues first ever AASI in life sciences case

The Munich Regional Court has also granted a permanent injunction against NanoString Technologies

18 May 2023

A briefing on the US IP enforcement coordinator as Deborah Robinson nominated for post

The role – vacant since President Joe Biden took office in 2021 – oversees policy and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets within the executive office of The White House

17 May 2023

SCOTUS turns down much-watched ‘skinny label’ appeal in blow to generic drug companies

The decision, leaving in place a polarising Federal Circuit decision, has significant implications for life sciences IP strategies

16 May 2023

UPC system experiencing severe problems as patentees race to opt out their rights

Everything you need to know about the debacle with the new court’s Case Management System

15 May 2023

Gilead scores major victory in controversial $1 billion dispute with US government

Delaware jury rules against the federal government in a big-money patent infringement suit being closely watched by policymakers.

11 May 2023

Canadian legislation provides better privacy, bans rogue robots and levies serious fines

Chief IP officers at global companies should not ignore Bill C-27, the new Canadian Digital Charter Implementation Act

09 May 2023

Examining the court data linking Unified Patents' PTAB petitions with its members

The USPTO’s proposed rulemaking package and its potential impact promoted a deep dive on Docket Navigator

08 May 2023

Breath of fresh air: I hear pro-patentee talk from Washington DC

Saturday opinion: Recent dialogue about the US patent system mimics patent holders’ passion for  the virtuous cycle of innovation

06 May 2023

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