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Still no answers to key EC SEP licensing regulation questions

Political action around the controversial proposals is intensifying, but a serious lack of transparency in the decision making process remains a cause for concern

19 October 2023

IP shares: a means to simplify licensing of standard essential patents

Joachim Henkel and Taraneh Maghamé have a bold proposal for SEP licensing: if the innovators who contribute to a technological standard were to collaborate and agree to the IP share of each patent holder, it could bring advantages over the status quo in FRAND licensing

18 October 2023

Delhi High Court and Indian Patent Office clash over novel hardware features requirement

The Indian Patent Office’s refusal of a software patent application has been overturned on appeal by the Delhi High Court as the office relied on an outdated set of guidelines for computer-related inventions in its reasoning.

18 October 2023

A tale of two UPC opt-outs

Saturday Opinion: Two sensible decisions from the UPC confirm how the exceptions to opt-out and withdrawal work

14 October 2023

Vidal is right, Europe is wrong, pools rock and other 5G SEP observations

A new report reveals a complex connectivity market whose immense potential will only be maximised if businesses, regulators and courts all play their part. Some get that. Unfortunately, others seemingly do not

12 October 2023

US patent eligibility bill will level the playing field for US innovators

Saturday Opinion: Chief IP officers should be acutely aware of this legislation’s profound implications, especially for medical devices, AI, and healthcare

07 October 2023

First European Parliament feedback shows SEP policy pushback

The Committee on International Trade has weighed in and suggested watering down the proposal on key issues including retroactive application and aggregate royalty determination

05 October 2023

Trade secrets are a TRIPs waiver target and that is a big problem

Disappointment with last year’s WTO agreement on suspending patent rights to secure covid-19 vaccine supplies has led campaigners to intensify calls for a new agreement that would include know-how

05 October 2023

Delhi High Court underscores importance of strict adherence to procedural rules in post-grant oppositions

The Delhi High Court has stated that if an opponent misses the opportunity to file evidence in the form of an affidavit along with its opposition notice, it cannot file evidence when filing a rejoinder. The judgment underlines the intricacies related to post-grant opposition requirements and emphasises how critical it is to obey these to the letter.

04 October 2023

AI inventorship open for debate in Turkey amid global DABUS rulings

As there is no AI regulation or precedent yet in Turkey, the question of AI inventorship is a key point of contention. Some argue that AI should be considered a legal entity, while others argue that the country follow Roman law principles.

04 October 2023

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