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China to let foreign patent agencies set up representative offices

Prosecution firms will be able to advise local clients on overseas filings and IP risks, but Chinese patent practice will remain out-of-bounds

28 October 2021

How a wave of CAFC reversals is affecting the Albright court in the Western District of Texas

The Long Read: Data from Docket Navigator and analysis of 35 Federal Circuit mandamus rulings show that the judge presiding over the US's busiest patent litigation venue has changed some of his procedures, writes Angela Morris, but that there are other practices he has been slower to address

27 October 2021

Leahy and Tillis appear divided on Biden’s pick for USPTO Director

Kathi Vidal looks set to face tough questions during her upcoming confirmation hearing based on the duelling statements issued by the the top Democrat and Republican lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee's IP subcommittee after her nomination today

26 October 2021

Talks over covid vaccine IP waiver appear increasingly futile

Saturday Opinion: The prospect of an international agreement on the proposed suspension of TRIPS now appears vanishingly small

23 October 2021

Pharma speaks loud and clear on need for 101 changes, but consensus for reform remains elusive

US life sciences leadership is at stake, industry tells USPTO, but comments on eligibility study show deep divisions remain

22 October 2021

Leahy-Tillis patent transparency bill draws scepticism from Democrat senators

At a hearing on Tuesday, Chris Coons and Mazie Hirono stated that the penalty for non-recordal in the Pride in Patent Ownership Act needs more work

21 October 2021

EU-wide SPCs would make unitary patent system more attractive, says Bayer IP chief

Joerg Thomaier believes unitary supplementary protection certificates should be introduced to coincide with the roll-out of the UPC

21 October 2021

Courts split on AI inventorship and patenting

The Long Read: Those hoping for clarity on whether AI programmes can be regarded as inventors for patent purposes will be disappointed by the different ways in which courts around the world have handled the issue so far. Helen Macpherson, Tanvi Shah and Avi Toltzis of Baker & McKenzie look at recent developments

20 October 2021

Stakeholders weigh in on controversial IEEE patent policy

After submissions from SEP owners and implementers, the standard association’s board of governors must now decide whether to make changes to the 2015 document

19 October 2021

Starz Entertainment attacks VideoLabs’ patents after refusing to take licence

New DJ action is more evidence of platform’s push for royalties, but senior VP Ira Blumberg says it is pursuing a dual strategy

18 October 2021

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