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Indonesia: Omnibus Law’s Patent Regime Overhaul Raises Questions About Practical Implementation

Featured in The Patent Prosecution Review 2024

The Indonesian Omnibus Law aims to stimulate economic growth and attract investment. Although its revisions to the country’s patent law hope to foster innovation, streamline processes and align the regime with international standards, the changes have not yet been well received due to the lack of a practical framework.

08 December 2023

Exclusive: Ericsson’s patent assertion chief on Lenovo suits, the UPC and global litigation strategy

Robert Earle speaks about enforcement in Brazil and India, and his hopes for a US shift on SEP injunctions

07 December 2023

Brazilian Supreme Court issues new guidance on landmark patent term adjustment decision

The watershed 2021 ruling has raised several important questions which Brazil's courts are now beginning to answer

06 December 2023

Right-to-repair bills push chief IP offers to adjust patent strategies in Canada

IP-owning companies need to re-evaluate their patent strategies in the wake of Quebec’s right-to-repair bill and a Canada-wide bill on technical protection measures

06 December 2023

Northern California, New Jersey judicial nominees advance to Senate vote

Chief IP officers with patent cases pending before these two important US district courts will want to study the patent litigation track records of Judges Eumi K Lee and Edward S Kiel

04 December 2023

What can InterDigital, Ericsson, and Lenovo expect from the court overseeing their patent disputes?

Docket Navigator data shows the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, which oversees these high-profile litigations, has not handled many patent cases

27 November 2023

Specialist Chapter: First Months of UPC See Broad Sector Engagement and CMS Teething Problems

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

The number of UPC actions filed in the first three months indicates that many rights holders are willing to engage with the new system, especially in Germany. As the court becomes more settled, the next 12 months could prove transformative for European patent litigation.

24 November 2023

Eligibility and PTAB reform bills spark debate at IAM event

IAM Connect: Patent Policy and Litigation delved deeply into Section 101 legislation, reform efforts at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and reactions to the European Commission's SEP proposal

23 November 2023

Radical SEP regulation amendments sought by several European Parliament groups

A wide range of EU legislators are voicing powerful and articulate opposition to the policy proposal

20 November 2023

IP disclosure requirements are changing – and that is a good thing

Saturday Opinion: Founder of Sauvegarder Investment Management, Erich Spangenberg, urges patent owners to break with tradition and better explain to clients and investors why they should care about these assets

18 November 2023

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