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Five Federal Circuit rulings you can’t ignore from the first half of 2023

Chief IP officers must study new US precedent on enablement, IPR estoppel, design patent obviousness, third-party finance disclosure and attorney fee recovery

14 June 2023

The Delhi High Court IP Division’s first year has transformed Indian IP jurisprudence

The number of IP filings at the Indian IP Office is increasing substantially and there has been a sharp surge in IP litigation. Against this backdrop, the creation of the IP Division has already transformed jurisprudence in India and there is no sign of the pace of change slowing down.

14 June 2023

China, IP finance and trade secrets top the bill at IPBC Global day two

Industry leaders from IP powerhouses, including Nokia, InterDigital and Intellectual Ventures spoke to delegates on a broad range of burning issues for industry professionals

13 June 2023

IAM benchmarking survey is back: have your say on the IP5

The IAM Patent Office Benchmarking Survey 2023 will shed light on the prosecution landscape at a time when companies might be looking to pivot their strategy due to the economic crisis

13 June 2023

Guide to critical US patent policy developments on artificial intelligence so far in 2023

AI patent inventorship issues are front and centre in a USPTO request for comments, but the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal on the question

13 June 2023

The greatest moments from the world’s greatest IP event

IPBC Global 2023 gets underway in San Diego next week. While each of the 14 so far held has been very special, there are five that particularly stand out

08 June 2023

EC SEP proposal vastly underestimates registration and assessment burden

Global innovaton and transformation consultancy PA Consulting weighs in on the complexity of a moving target of new patent grants and evolving standards in multiple jurisdictions

06 June 2023

The US needs a mandatory retirement age for federal judges

Saturday opinion: The allegations of cognitive decline against 95-year-old Federal Circuit Judge Pauline Newman are only the tip of the iceberg, and something needs to be done about it

03 June 2023

Case of Federal Circuit judge Pauline Newman throws lifetime tenure into the spotlight

Data shows it’s common for CAFC judges to serve past retirement age – just like the 95-year-old judge who denies allegations of cognitive decline impacting her work

02 June 2023

Embrace IP disruption or get left behind

The launch of the Unified Patent Court today is the latest development in a revolutionary period that is only just getting started and from which there is no escape

01 June 2023

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