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Ravgen notches up another David-v-Goliath victory with $57 million damages award

But the outcome is bitter-sweet for the SME, which has faced many obstacles in its quest to enforce its foundational patents

18 January 2024

Beijing IP Court docket statistics and new guidelines vital for foreign litigants

The Beijing IP Court’s newly revealed analytics highlight a fall in the number of IP cases docketed in 2023, the first decrease since its inauguration in 2014. To further facilitate foreign litigants, the court has introduced new guidelines to help them easily navigate China’s documentation processes going forward.

17 January 2024

Netflix handed Brazil’s first permanent patent injunction in the ICT field

US video tech company DivX scores a victory in a decision that bolsters Brazil’s appeal as a patent litigation battleground.

16 January 2024

Post Office scandal to shake up UK patent litigation funding

UK government minister commits to unpicking controversial recent Supreme Court PACCAR decision

16 January 2024

US patent cases plummet by 18% in 2023

The disappearance of prolific NPEs drove filings down while trends in Delaware and the Western District of Texas have catapulted EDTX Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap back to the top

15 January 2024

EU seeks access to China’s secretive Oppo-Nokia global FRAND rate decision

Only the parties’ Chinese counsel have been allowed access to the unredacted version of the ruling

15 January 2024

The R&D NPE humbling Samsung, Apple, Dell and others since 2018

Managed by Hilco IP Merchant Banking, Bell Northern Research has found a strategy that works, alongside sister company Bell Semiconductor

10 January 2024

How amended regulations to China’s Patent Law will impact the IP landscape

The amended Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law adjust several key aspects of China’s patent system, including partial design patents, national priority for designs, patent-term extensions and the open licensing regime, signalling welcome changes to the national IP landscape.

10 January 2024

Cloudera’s $240 million verdict crowned largest in US in Q4 2023

The data storage firm’s loss was the fourth-highest award in the last 12 months, with Google’s $338.8 million defeat topping the heap

08 January 2024

Masimo v Apple Watch import ban fiasco tops 2023 developments in USITC

Chief IP officers also need to know about US International Trade Commission developments involving trade secret disputes, NPE-banning legislation, and more

05 January 2024

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