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Two critical takeaways from VLSI’s appellate loss of patent mega-verdict

The Federal Circuit reverses and vacates $2.54 billion jury verdict but opens the door for VLSI to make another run at a 10-figure damages recovery

25 January 2024

IP Disruptors: The companies and people driving change and upending IP norms

Our latest Special Report, in collaboration with sister platform WTR, unveils the technology providers, industry leaders and institutional figures that we consider to be true disruptors in the IP space

25 January 2024

Thierry Breton

Featured in Special Report 2023 Q4: IP Disruptors 2024: The companies and people driving change and upending IP norms

25 January 2024

EU SEP regulation voted through key parliament committee, despite mass abstentions

Thirteen JURI members endorsed the proposal in today’s committee meeting, adopting all seven Compromise Amendments

24 January 2024

US patent eligibility reform bill hearing reveals deep dividing lines

Senators and witnesses before the US Senate Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on intellectual property called for Section 101 reform detractors to remove hurdles and propose improvements to the Patent Eligibility Reform Act of 2023

24 January 2024

Specialist Chapter: Procuring Patent Protection for AI Inventions

Featured in The Patent Prosecution Review 2024

Obtaining patents for AI technologies presents unique challenges under the current legal framework in the United States, particularly when it comes to meeting Section 101 eligibility requirements, because AI technologies often involve software and mathematical algorithms. The uncertainty in the current state of Section 101 law is largely attributed to the two-step Alice framework. Mere distinctions from a human brain may not suffice for AI claims’ eligibility.

24 January 2024

KIPO commissioner bows out, setting sights on national general election

The office’s first female commissioner Lee Insil quits fourth months ahead of the end of her term but maintains she will continue to push for Patent Attorney Act if given the opportunity

22 January 2024

All eyes are on the EUIPO in 2024

Saturday Opinion: The EUIPO is embarking on a busy year – and that’s before the SEP policy question is answered. As concerns over the transparency of its leadership selection processes surface, it is critical that it remains focused on its core users

20 January 2024

European SEP regulation to face crucial vote next week

But Council of the EU concerns could be a stumbling block for the planned reforms

19 January 2024

EU office slated to maintain SEP register faces leadership selection process complaints

A former candidate in the race has voiced concerns over the transparency of the selection process at the EUIPO, following a complaint filed at the European Anti-fraud Office

19 January 2024

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