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Legislative reforms to overhaul ‘unfavourable’ patent landscape – for better or worse

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

Both the PREVAIL Act and Patent Eligibility Restoration Act seek to enhance participation in the patent system. However, expanded eligibility and a weaker PTAB will undoubtably raise concerns from both SEP holders and implementers, and it remains to be seen whether these approaches will ultimately benefit or harm the larger market.

24 August 2023

KIPO commissioner on patent policy priorities and becoming a ‘top 3’ IP nation

IAM speaks with Dr Lee Insil – the first office head from a private sector background – about her vision, AI patent examination and encouraging strategic technologies

23 August 2023

Judge Newman’s injunction request to proceed in US district court as she fights removal from cases

The court set a briefing schedule for Newman’s request for a preliminary injunction to restore her case assignments, but in the Federal Circuit’s disciplinary proceeding, judges are considering suspending her for a year

22 August 2023

European Parliament makes crucial appointment to handle controversial SEP proposals

Marion Walsmann, already a vocal supporter of the new regulation, has been assigned as the policy’s rapporteur

15 August 2023

Japanese companies move to leverage IP disclosure requirement for investment gains

Increasing transparency has helped raise awareness with the C-suite and investors, Asics says

15 August 2023

Examining one year of Waco patent case random judge assignments

Since Judge Alan Albright’s patent cases started being randomly assigned, filings dived 51% in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, the latest IAM-Docket Navigator litigation report shows

14 August 2023

More UPC transparency is needed to make the most of its potential

Saturday Opinion: The court must work hard to address opacity issues in the coming months to secure its position as the world's premier patent dispute resolution venue

12 August 2023

New ASEAN patent examination guidelines a “catalyst” for boosting region’s presence on global IP stage

The common guidelines streamline patent filing and prosecution processes across member states, improving transparency and predictability for domestic and foreign innovators alike

11 August 2023

Availability of preliminary injunctions makes Brazil an attractive litigation venue for SEP owners

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

Brazil has become a prominent venue for SEP litigation, mainly due to the early remedies that courts provide, particularly in Rio de Janeiro. As a result, there is an increasing number of declaratory judgment suits being filed by implementers aiming to secure other venues. However, this tactic is not deterring patent assertion.

09 August 2023

Navigating China’s patent linkage system: challenges and opportunities

Its evolution and the related implications are critical for both originators and generics

09 August 2023

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