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PTAB challenges to Section 101 application rejections show dicey odds for patent filers

“The deck is really stacked against the applicants at the PTAB,” says Michael Borella, partner in McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff

28 October 2022

The pursuit of clarity over whether an AI-generated invention can be patented may be headed to SCOTUS

DABUS defender Ryan Abbott speaks with IAM about his global mission for case law on machine-made innovations as he plans to take case to top US court

27 October 2022

Embracing the future at Singapore’s IP office

In an exclusive interview, IPOS chief executive Rena Lee speaks about digital innovations and her ambitions for Singapore as an IP hub

27 October 2022

In defence of the America Invents Act and its impact on startups

IP Counsel at startup support organisation Engine and Executive Director of the Public Interest Patent Law Institute discuss the benefits of the controversial legislation

26 October 2022

How the CJEU’s decision on patent validity could affect German preliminary injunctions

German case law has been ruled incompatible with the EU Enforcement Directive by the Court of Justice of the European Union, prompting rights holders to urgently re-evaluate their options.

26 October 2022

Patent protection for software inventions in Europe

Featured in IAM Innovation & Invention Yearbook 2023

Inventions related to user interfaces, business methods, mathematical methods and simulations require extra care in Europe. Inventions related to image processing and cryptography are usually considered to have technical character in Europe.

26 October 2022

Mexico Supreme Court opines on compensatory time and patent effective term

Featured in Global Patent Litigation 2023

In the past, it was common to find that the effective term of a patent would differ from one patent to another, depending on how long each examiner took to study the application; in other words, under the 20-year filing date rule, a patent could be granted at any time between two years to 17 or more years after filing, and there have been cases in which either the patentee would enjoy only a single year of protection or the patent would be invalid upon issue – a result that is totally preposterous, unfair and unconstitutional.

26 October 2022

Three key points of major IP stakeholder dispute on USPTO director reviews

While patent owners urge limits on director review proceedings, frequent petitioners’ pressing issue is ensuring rulings remain non-precedential

25 October 2022

WIPO DDG Lisa Jorgenson on women in IP and global patent trends

Director General speaks about development of PCT and launch of the IP and Gender Action Plan in conversation with IAM

25 October 2022

UK IPO case studies offer some clarity on AI invention patentability

Saturday Opinion: EIP patent attorneys discuss value of concrete examples including as important ammunition for prosecution of AI cases

22 October 2022

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