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Delhi High Court underscores importance of strict adherence to procedural rules in post-grant oppositions

The Delhi High Court has stated that if an opponent misses the opportunity to file evidence in the form of an affidavit along with its opposition notice, it cannot file evidence when filing a rejoinder. The judgment underlines the intricacies related to post-grant opposition requirements and emphasises how critical it is to obey these to the letter.

04 October 2023

AI inventorship open for debate in Turkey amid global DABUS rulings

As there is no AI regulation or precedent yet in Turkey, the question of AI inventorship is a key point of contention. Some argue that AI should be considered a legal entity, while others argue that the country follow Roman law principles.

04 October 2023

Prospect of European SEP regulation looms large in US policy debate

During a recent Washington DC event, SEP holders and standards implementers clashed about the European Commission’s draft proposal – and how the US should respond

29 September 2023

Innovator-implementer divide revealed to US policymakers considering IP, standards strategy

Standards contributors stressed their heavy reliance on licensing income while product manufacturers expressed frustration at the difficulty of calculating total SEP licensing costs

28 September 2023

Start-ups can gain design protection faster with new accelerated examination programme

TIPO’s new pilot programme allows certain applicants to swiftly secure protection for their design patents, facilitates rapid responses to counterfeit designs and assists award winners and start-ups to obtain patent rights.

27 September 2023

High-compensation patent litigation highlights courts’ growing willingness to award significant damages

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

How to determine compensation amounts and effectively protect rights holders’ interests is a critical point of concern. It is therefore vital to analyse patent infringement litigation cases that have awarded high compensation and which kinds of claims and evidence have been well received by Chinese courts.

27 September 2023

The Beijing Measure: whether data should be a registered and protected form of intellectual property in China

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

Shenzhen, the Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces and Beijing have enacted data IP registration-related legal documents, responding to calls for the establishment of a data property rights system. Beijing’s efforts highlight it as a pilot area for national data IP work.

27 September 2023

How to overcome office actions concerning common knowledge

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

It is not uncommon to see office actions alleging that the claimed invention lacks inventive step on the grounds that the distinguishing feature is common knowledge. While difficult to overcome because of strong subjectivity, using an effective strategy can provide a way forward.

27 September 2023

Patent pools are making waves – but will Brussels listen?

Saturday Opinion: There’s plenty of compelling evidence that the market is capable of compromise without the heavy hand of regulation

23 September 2023

IP holders welcome proposed Indian patent rules amendments

Potential updates aim to expedite the grant of patents and introduce a controller to assess pre-grant oppositions

22 September 2023

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