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Landmines for the unwary in the USPTO’s guidance on AI-assisted inventions

Chief IP officers and their patent prosecutors must brush up on ethical duties to disclose

23 February 2024

Kathi Vidal provides updates on six crucial US patent policy initiatives

In an exclusive interview, the USPTO Director touches on what’s next for the discretionary denial reforms, and reveals future rule-making efforts unfolding this year

22 February 2024

The EU used to believe in patent pools; it should do so again

Saturday Opinion: The negativity surrounding the SEP licensing regulation masks a huge market success – and it’s not too late for European policymakers and politicians to embrace pools as the transparent, efficient, cost-effective way to speed up technology adoption that they are

17 February 2024

US patent lawyers react to USPTO guidance on inventorship and AI

The AI-inventorship guidance enables patenting for an AI-assisted invention only if a human provided a “significant contribution”

16 February 2024

EU lawmakers are trying to bulldoze SEP reforms through parliament

IP Europe’s Managing Director Patrick McCutcheon breaks down why the controversial proposal would be an own goal for the world’s largest trading bloc

16 February 2024

Navigating Patent Protection Within the Context of AI

Featured in Inside India’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

India is currently witnessing a paradigm shift in the creation of novel and creative works. The proliferation of AI is resulting in a complex landscape for patent offices, inventors and policymakers to navigate. Addressing these challenges is crucial for maintaining the balance between fostering innovation and upholding the principles of patent law.

15 February 2024

US judges are warning implementers to take FRAND negotiations seriously, or else

Due to Samsung’s bad-faith FRAND negotiation tactic, “what they awarded us was dramatically more per unit than our settlement offers”, says Jason Sheasby, G+ Communications’ attorney

14 February 2024

Trade secret awareness growing in France but case law lacking

It has been over five years since the country transposed the EU Trade Secrets Directive but limited access to court decisions and no damages outcomes means guidance is scarce for IP owners

13 February 2024

Significant rulings emerge in Federal Circuit Judge Pauline Newman disability proceeding

Most claims were dismissed but Judge Newman’s lawsuit will proceed on three facial constitutionality challenges to the judicial conduct and disability act

13 February 2024

OpenSky sanctions reignite debate over PTAB reform

Attorneys say Intel reaping the benefits, while VLSI is left to pick up the pieces, sends mixed message about integrity of IPR process

08 February 2024

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