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PTAB reforms latest move by PTO to tackle Board’s “perception problem”  

After proposed change in claim construction standard, new procedures may lessen need for Congressional action 

PTAB reforms latest move by PTO to tackle Board’s “perception problem”  
20 Sep 2018

At IAM event DOJ antitrust chief throws spotlight back onto SEP licensing

Violating a FRAND commitment should not give rise to an antitrust action under US law Delrahim insists as he looks for balance in debate around patent hold out and hold up.

18 Sep 2018

Patent groups respond to proposed increases in USPTO fees

Spotlight falls on new patent practitioner levy and big jump in cost of filing IPRs as the agency waits for Congressional action on fee-setting


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20 Sep 2018

The rise of biosimilars and the future of healthcare intellectual property

Litigation between rights holders of biologic drugs and producers of biosimilars is set to become an increasingly important part of the life sciences IP landscape Read more

18 Sep 2018

The Supreme Court’s continuing fascination with patent law

From Oil States to SAS Institute and WesternGeco, the Supreme Court’s most recent term had plenty for patent practitioners to consider. Read more

18 Sep 2018

Philips DVD case is a missed opportunity for India

The Delhi High Court has handed down India’s first post-trial SEP decision in an eagerly awaited case involving DVD player patents. However, a closer look at the details suggests the judgment has limited value as a precedent for similar disputes Read more

17 Sep 2018

When Vringo met China’s NDRC

It's not often you get a first-hand account from a foreign IP owner of being called to Beijing for a meeting with the National Development and Reform Commission, but in an IAM exclusive former Vringo chief IP officer David Cohen provides one Read more


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13 Sep 2018

Chinese biotech patents fail to make mark, more litigation for AbbVie, AIDS Heath Foundation appeals to SCOTUS and much more

The August edition of our monthly round-up of the life sciences stories you need to know Read more

12 Sep 2018

DoJ antitrust chief Delrahim headlines IAM’s Patent Licensing in San Francisco next week

Fourth edition of this annual event also boasts high-profile speakers from AT&T, Cisco, Ericsson, Google, Honda, IBM, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics – and many more Read more

28 Aug 2018

How the Supreme Court’s newest justice has impacted patent law

Since joining America's highest court, Justice Gorsuch has revealed some of his thinking on patent issues and his overall judicial record provides some clues as to how he could view key cases if they come before the court.   Read more

17 Aug 2018

Exit of PTAB chief judge gives Iancu further opportunity to put his own imprint on agency leadership

Key departure means there are three top roles to be filled on permanent basis. Read more


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17 Sep 2018

Patent controversy embroils South Korean biotech claiming key CRISPR IP

Questions emerge about whether ToolGen properly acquired foundational gene editing patents, and how much government support founder Kim Jin-soo received for his breakthrough invention. Read more

13 Sep 2018

Proprietary versus open standards in ICT

There are benefits and risks attached to the implementation of open and proprietary standards in ICT, both from a business and consumer perspective. It is therefore vital to get the balance right. Read more

13 Sep 2018

Patent litigation in Japan should be more attractive option, says JPO commissioner

In opening speech at IPBC Japan, Naoko Munakata suggests that rethinking rules around evidence collection and damages awards may make the system more "user-friendly" to start-ups and bigger companies Read more

10 Sep 2018

It’s not done yet, but Trump trade deal could herald IP breakthrough for pharma innovators in Mexico

With a major focus on intellectual property, the new US-Mexico trade agreement may provide stronger data protection and patent rights Read more


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1 Jun 2018

Supreme Court shakes up the PTAB, while new USPTO head sends strong pro-patent signals

No one expected the Supreme Court to turn the US patent system upside down with Oil States – and it did not. But its SAS judgment issued on the same day could mean some big post-grant changes. Meanwhile, Andrei Iancu is exhibiting pro-patent inclinations Read more

1 Feb 2018

Rollercoaster ride for SEP owners continues through 2017

SEP owners had much to celebrate in 2017 but a major decision from a US court meant that the year ended with a familiar amount of uncertainty Read more

1 Oct 2017

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past … Read more

1 Oct 2017

Trump hones in on China, but would do well to look closer to home

The Trump administration’s probe into Chinese IP practices that are allegedly harming US interests may be politically charged but is being welcomed by many tech companies. However, it may be US developments which are giving Chinese entities a helping hand Read more

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