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IP office hits pause to evaluate pilot programme to boost examiner expertise

Designed to help patent examiners grasp complex technical concepts, the one-year trial period for the Industry Collaborative Patent Interview pilot programme has come to an end. TIPO is now considering the first year and whether to continue with the initiative.

23 November 2022

Chinese patent activity continues to boom but change looks inevitable

China leapfrogged the US in 2021 to become the jurisdiction with largest number of patents in force

22 November 2022

Renewed US Congress should seize chance to make IP policy impact

Saturday Opinion: A decade after the AIA entered into force the IP community is calling for – and may well see – substantial change

19 November 2022

Top US patent judge speaks up about random case assignments

Alan Albright tells IAM’s Patent Policy and Litigation USA 2022 event he is ‘hopeful’ litigants will not be dramatically impacted

18 November 2022

US Federal Trade Commission set to tighten screws on patent strategies

New policy statement likely to target pay-for-delay deals and sham litigation

18 November 2022

US congressional election results are good omen for Section 101 reform efforts

Panellists at IAM’s Patent Policy and Litigation USA event are hopeful in view of Senator Chris Coons being poised to take leadership of the Senate IP Subcommittee

17 November 2022

Ruling opens the door to protecting room design under the Copyright Act

A fresh decision from the IP and Commercial Court could mark major changes for the Taiwanese hotel industry by extending copyright protection to encompass room configurations.

16 November 2022

Food for thought: complexities behind protecting food-related intellectual property in India

The lack of specific trade secret legislation and definition of a ‘fixed form’ in India presents challenges to how edible creative work can be protected.

16 November 2022

UPC judge conflict-of-interest risks must be handled with extreme care

Saturday Opinion: The new court must take decisive and transparent action to address concerns about part-time judges

12 November 2022

Analysing IP impact of US midterms as results unfold

While final outcomes are still pending, outlook suggests strong IP policy impact

11 November 2022

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