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Increasing diversity in innovation – a call to action

If the US is to compete successfully with China and the rest of the world it must make use of all the talent at its disposal – and that means ensuring more women get to the cutting edge of the invention process

Increasing diversity in innovation – a call to action
How China views its place in the SEP world
11 Jun 2021

How China views its place in the SEP world

At a conference in China, key judicial figures and licensing executives grapple with the major legal and business questions of the moment

Getting IP and antitrust right is crucial to turbocharging the US innovation economy
10 Jun 2021

Getting IP and antitrust right is crucial to turbocharging the US innovation economy

The DoJ’s warnings of a change in approach to SEPs raises important questions about the basis for decision-making across the government


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10 Jun 2021

Post-Brexit, the UK is poised to become a global biosimilars hotspot

Regulatory developments and changing attitudes at the courts make the country an increasingly attractive jurisdiction in which to launch products Read more

9 Jun 2021

What critics get right about forced tech transfer in China – and where they miss the mark

The Long Read: The Chinese IP landscape is much more nuanced and complex than many commentators give it credit for. Dan Prud’homme has spent a number of years in the country observing developments. In an exclusive interview, he debunks various myths and explains why businesses, both domestic and foreign, need to look past lazy and out-of-date stereotypes Read more

8 Jun 2021

South Korea’s strategic approach to IP sets up key global deals

Agreements around chips and vaccines show that IP-related issues are high on the diplomatic agendas of advanced economies Read more

7 Jun 2021

We’re rethinking our policy on SEPs, says senior DoJ official

Richard Powers, acting head of the department’s AntiTrust Division, provides strongest indication yet that the Delrahim ‘New Madison’ approach is on the way out Read more


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5 Jun 2021

Increasing R&D and infrastructure investment is vital to US tech success

If the 21st century is to be another American one, both the government and business must commit to higher spending to strengthen the foundations on which innovation is built Read more

8 May 2021

Biden’s backing for the covid vaccine IP waiver should concern all rights owners

This week’s unprecedented move raises a series of worrying questions and puts in doubt the administration’s commitment to fostering innovative activity Read more

26 Apr 2021

Get smarter about covid patents or pay the price

On World IP Day it's time to get a few things straight about where the real problems in getting jabs to those who need them really lie Read more

29 Jan 2021

Love him or loathe him, few USPTO directors have left an impression like Iancu

From new 101 guidelines to PTAB reform and changing the narrative around innovation, America’s now former IP chief built a considerable legacy Read more


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7 Jun 2021

China’s big focus on good faith in patents could give defendants new tools

Application clampdown, amendments to the Patent Law and a recent clarification that defendants can recover legal costs all point to focus on abuse of patent system Read more

3 Jun 2021

Senate IP big hitters propose greater patent ownership transparency

Leahy and Tillis amendment to landmark US Innovation and Competition incentivises rapid recordal of ownership changes with the USPTO Read more

3 Jun 2021

Government review puts specialist IP courts back on the Australian agenda

Report on under-use of the patent system by SMEs concludes a forum for faster and cheaper dispute resolution is needed Read more

2 Jun 2021

Apple, Facebook and Google still have work to do with inventor diversity

The Long Read: The Big Three each have a significant and prolific public record promoting DI&E within their organisations. However, writes Michael Pellegrino, a deep drill into USPTO patent data reveals that they are not yet meeting their ambitions when it comes to those doing the inventing Read more


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12 Aug 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in May, June and July Read more

12 Aug 2020

As the fallout from covid continues, the two IP superpowers offer different messages

While China cheers an uptick in applications, the USPTO warns of a prolonged downturn Read more

8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

4 Mar 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in December, January and February. Read more

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