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Japan ministry publishes FRAND patent licensing guidelines

The advisory document lays out acceptable behaviours at four stages of the SEP negotiation process

01 April 2022

After sealing Apple patent deal, a WiLAN sale may be next on the agenda

It is a complete business with a strong portfolio, and processes and a methodology for optimising returns, says CEO of parent company Quarterhill

24 March 2022

Cisco’s appeal of $2.75b award raises important questions on direct infringement and apportionment

The IP industry is watching two major patent law issues in Centripetal Networks’ defence of Cisco’s appeal at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

22 March 2022

Coolpad files Chinese FRAND litigation against Pantech

Battle of two once-notable smartphone brands emerges in Shenzhen, with one pivoting to patent licensing and another seeking to stage a commercial comeback

22 March 2022

Why proposed IoT licensing negotiation groups are an antitrust non-starter

Igor Nikolic takes a deep dive into competition law to show how the proposed SEP licensing negotiation groups could be both unnecessary and damaging

09 March 2022

Volkswagen takes 4G Avanci licence, resolving patent lawsuits in Virginia and Munich

The German OEM was already a 2G/3G licensee and now its 4G Avanci deal will wipe out litigation by two platform licensors, Acer and IP Bridge

08 March 2022

Chinese industry group lays out SEP policy priorities

Patent Protection Association of China tells US government that licensors should have to provide more detailed information about their patent portfolios in the course of FRAND talks

25 February 2022

Injunction provisions steal the show in comments on draft US SEP licensing policy

While major licensors warn that proposed revisions will harm the technology standardisation process, implementers argue the injunctive relief bar should be raised even higher

10 February 2022

NFTs: buyers beware! The view from Russia

Purchasers of an NFT linked with a specified digital art piece ought to be aware of that piece’s IP rights, to avoid facing infringement claims from third parties in Russia

09 February 2022

CAFC decision makes Caltech’s $1.1 billion loss a potential gain for other patent holders

The court’s overturning of the original ruling in the university’s dispute with Broadcom strengthened rules preventing duplication of invalidity arguments in IPRs and district court litigation

08 February 2022

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